Jul 11

Want to enter UBRA World but not a member yet? Worried about qualifications???

50+ UBRA certified events in the next 9 days!!! Plenty of time to earn your UBRA World qualifications if you haven’t yet 🙂

Check out the full list of upcoming events online under the “Events” tab: http://ubra.org/events/

The UBRA results/standings is being updated on a daily basis and will be current with results turned in by the end of the day TODAY! Those interested in entering the UBRA World are encouraged to send their entries in asap as everything fills up and sells out. If you enter and do not meet the qualifications, you will receive a refund.

FRIDAY AT WORLD IS A DOUBLE QUALIFIER!!! Anyone needing last minute qualifications can use the Friday jackpot qualifications to qualify for World. Each entry = 2 qualifications. For example, a youth and open rider could enter the youth and open Friday at World and earn 4 qualifications.

Questions? Concerns? Contact your state director or manager – Jessica Beauvais 715-554-3462 info@UBRA.org

We look forward to bringing the midwest another HUGE payout event for the record books! Last year we awarded over $150,000….this year looks to be even bigger!!!! :-0