UBRA World & JJ Classic 2018

2018 UBRA World & JJ Classic

$53,000 Added Min.

August 3-5, 2018 Verndale, MN

Over $150K awarded in ca$h & prizes at this event in 2017!



$13K GUARANTEED PAYOUT Slot Race Sidepot
$1,500 Added Friday Night Open Race
$25,000 Added Min. UBRA World
$3,000 Open JJ Classic Futurity
$2,000 Open JJ Classic Maturity
$19,0000 JJ Classic Breeder’s Incentive
$5,000 Future Fortunes Futurity Bonus $
$2,500 Triple Crown 100 Futurity Bonus $

Event Flyer


Friday results: http://ubra.org/2018-friday-world-on-site-draw/

$13K GUARANTEED PAYOUT Slot Race: 1D Ellie Johanson $3K, 2D Trinity Beauvais $2K – Complete results:  http://ubra.org/13k-slot-race/

Saturday UBRA World Results: http://ubra.org/2018-ubra-world-saturday-draw/

Colors codes:
Green = Senior CO
Light Blue = Futurity CO
Bright Blue = Futurity Sidepot
Orange = Youth CO
CAPS LOCK = JJBI eligible
Bold = selected different carry overs
Italic = riding multiple horses

JJ Classic Futurity Results: http://ubra.org/2018-jj-classic-futurity/

JJ Classic Maturity Results: http://ubra.org/2018-jj-classic-maturity-results/

Sunday UBRA World Draw: http://ubra.org/2018-ubra-world-sunday/


UBRA World Entries absolute deadline Monday at Noon prior to the event.
General postmark deadline Friday, July 13th.

2D JJ Classic OPEN FUTURITY Payment Schedule
(Futurity Entry Form: Updated 5/31/18 with NEW PayPal address )

$75 to Nominate………….May 1st
$75 to Sustain……………….June 1st
$50 to Sustain……………..July 1st
$200 Total Futurity Entry.

* Future Fortunes Futurity Bonus $ Entry Form: http://futurefortunesinc.com/forms/2018/sidepot.pdf

*Triple Crown 100 Futurity Bonus $ (Must fill out W9 and have on file with TC100) http://triplecrown100.com/Forms/W-9.pdf

2D JJ Classic OPEN MATURITY Payment Schedule
(Updated Maturity Entry Form: 5/30/18 NEW PayPal address)

$75 to Nominate………….May 1st
$75 to Sustain……………….June 1st
$50 to Sustain……………..July 1st
$200 Total Maturity Entry

$13K Slot Race

2D Half Second. $500 Entry Fee.

Limited to 30 slots.

Time taken from ANY run Saturday (UBRA World or JJ Classic)

Slots reserved by receipt of full payment.

Sub of horse and/or rider allowed until Noon Friday, August 3rd as well as selection of carry over time class.

Slot buyer has rights to purchases slot(s) every year.

Reserve your slot by making payment to Tuff Enuf Ranch via check/PayPal/credit card.
TufffEnufRanch@gmail.com 715-554-3462
Tuff Enuf Ranch
960 Bunyan Ave.
Balsam Lake, WI 54810

Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted to confirm spot and provide slot race entry info.

HIDEZ Target Time: Times from Friday Open & Saturday Open. Winner receives $200 gift certificate towards HIDEZ products!

$1000 Added All In Sidepot: Combines all Open times into 1 payout. Paid out in 4D half second split.

National Top 10 sidepot: Any 2017 UBRA National Top 10 winner is eligible, no entry fee, just payback.

$1000 Purse Target Time: Times from Open Saturday & Sunday. Winner receives a check for $1000!

PBRIP $200 Added Sidepot (Paint horse incentive) – Enter On site in PBRIP booth with Lisa Mullinax

$13K SLOT RACE SIDEPOT: Limited to 30 entries, $500 entry fee. Times taken from ANY run Saturday.

$1,000 Added UBRA Sponsor Race: Anyone who secures $100 or more in sponsors for the UBRA World is eligible to enter this sidepot. < UBRA World sponsorship form >