Sep 10

UBRA World 1st Survey Results and NEW survey!

Responses for ‘2019 UBRA WORLD & JJ CLASSIC’ Survey

Keep the UBRA World & JJ Classic together OR separate
Answer Votes Vote Percentage
Keep the UBRA World & JJ Classic together (1st full weekend in August) Votes(55%)
Separate the 2 events: 1 event last weekend in June, other event 1st weekend in August Votes(44%)

Please take a minute to take this short survey on keeping the UBRA World & JJ Classic together… or splitting the event up. Splitting the event up would make changes to the schedule. The results from the 1st survey were very tight on the options listed in this survey. We have reformatted the options to make them more clear. We appreciate your time and input. We do listen and read all the votes and emailed input. We cannot accommodate everyone but are certainly doing our best to accommodate the most.

1 ENORMOUS weekend or 2 BIG weekends?

Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage
Keep UBRA World & JJ Classic together, 1st full wkd in August
31 Votes(45%)
Separate – UBRA World 1st wkd in August, JJ Classic last wkd in June
26 Votes(38%)
Separate – UBRA World last wkd in June, JJ Classic 1st full wkd in August
11 Votes(16%)

Total Votes: 68

SLOT RACE: Sidepot or run

Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage
Sidepot like this year from Saturday time
35 Votes(51%)
Run: 1st run Friday before the Open (after PW, Youth & Sr)
33 Votes(48%)

Total Votes: 68

Senior & Youth: Sat/Sun run before or after Open

Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage
Run the Youth & Senior BEFORE the Open Sat & Sunday like Friday
31 Votes(46%)
Run the Youth & Senior AFTER the Open Sat & Sunday
35 Votes(53%)

Total Votes: 66

Senior Payout: 2D or 3D

Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage
2D Full Second
7 Votes(12%)
2D Half Second
7 Votes(12%)
3D Half Second
42 Votes(75%)

Total Votes: 56

HORSE INCENTIVE VS. RIDER INCENTIVE Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage

Go back to the Futurity & Derby points earned by rider

20 Votes(32%)
Continue, improve & advance the horse incentive (tracking by horse)


42 Votes(67%)