Aug 20

UBRA eNews: We Want U! Voice YOUR input NOW!!!!

UBRA eNews: We Want U! Voice YOUR input NOW!!!!

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We have some exciting news for 2019, the UBRA World & JJ Classic will be featured separately, on separate weekends! The UBRA World will remain the 1st full weekend in August while the JJ Classic will be held June 28-30, 2019. Both events will be held at the always accommodating R & J Arena of Verndale, MN. Each event will offer a min. of $25,000 added.

RETURN OF THE FAMILY FUN NIGHT!!! Offer an actual slot race, not sidepot, with calcutta…. ‘match race’ for UBRA states, always entertaining dog races, musical chairs and more!!!


Email with any suggestions or changes you would you like to see for the 2019 season and 2019 UBRA World event.

A few items under discussion include:

  • Offering horse incentive classes (Futurity, Derby & Open Horse) as sidepots or runs. With taking the JJ Classic off the schedule – we can now either keep the UBRA Futurity, Derby & Open Horse Incentive classes as sidepots off the Open classes…or have them as stand alone classes…but they would still be limited to the horses with those memberships – not an open futurity/derby/maturity.
  • Offering the Youth and Senior before or after the opens on Saturday and Sunday rather than before the Open (all but 1 Senior person also entered open classes and most Sr entries rode 2 horses. Having the Seniors run open and carry to Sr or run Sr would allow for more room in the draw for multiple horses. The Open division is the UBRA largest support group… thought for Friday – leaving as is (starting PeeWee at 2pm with Youth and Senior to follow, Open not to start before 5pm). This allows the young and older to run at a descent time of day and be done for the night. In putting the Youth and Senior after the Opens on Saturday and Sunday – then there awards wouldn’t be ready until the end of the day….but open could be done all together with the Youth & Senior.
  • Senior class format: Currently 2D full second. Suggestion received to making senior a 3D payout 1/2 second splits. There were 34 entries in the Saturday Senior class this year.
  • Entries will CLOSE FRIDAY (July 22nd, 2019) the week prior to the UBRA World. No on site substitutions for riders for the UBRA rider divisions (PeeWee, Youth, Open & Senior), no substitutions for horses on the Horse incentive classes (Futurity, Derby & Open Horse).