UBRA Rewards Program

Anyone who secures $500+ or more in sponsors/members/certifications by June 1st will receive a $100 gift certificate to the UBRA Store. That gift certificate can be spent on ANYTHING in the UBRA Store immediately…or banked to combine with year end UBRA gift certificates!

For anyone who secures $250+, they will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to the UBRA Store.

The gift certificates can be used on anything in the UBRA Store as well as towards memberships, certifications and/or UBRA World entry fees.

Contact for sponsorship opportunities and forms.

UBRA Media Packet in PDF


Hashtag UBRA on facebook any time you are at a UBRA show, you or your horse are sporting UBRA logo or awards…or anything that involves the UBRA! Your post could be shared and featured on the UBRA website!