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2018 UBRA World & JJ Classic


“Thanks so much. It was a great show and we will definitely come again! “
“Thank you for a great show this last weekend, always one of my favorite weekends!!!❤️”
“Thank you for all your hard work. I thought everything went pretty smooth. “

2017 UBRA World & JJ Classic

“Hello Jessica! I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend!! You put on an amazing event and I sure appreciate it! Things ran very smoothly and it made my first world trip so fun πŸ™‚ see you next year!”

“Hi Jessica, Great job with the event this weekend!! I can’t imagine all the work that goes into it!!! I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it.”

“Thank you so much it was a very nicely show.”

2016 UBRA World

“This years UBRA worlds was set up and ran very smoothly!
I loved how the alley was set up and only allowing exit and enter on a drag! It was much more spacious to warm up with this years set up.
I had a stall in the tent and dry camping so I was close to my horse and that worked out great for me!
Already excited for next year!
Thanks to all for their hard work that makes this possible!”
“WOW! Great job, Jess! Congrats! “


2015 producer comment “Excellent!Β  Thanks for making it so easy to certify- along with being cost effective to do so.Β  πŸ™‚ ”


2014 UBRA Award Notes:

Thank you UBRA for the awesome awards!!!!

This is the same pict lighter and darker.Β  Please feel free to use this photo however you wish.Β  You are a great organization and I am so happy to have found you πŸ˜€

Liz Gundersen & Comet Gundersen

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Kylie Nissen wrote: “Thank you for putting on a great run last weekend – such a fun event to take part in!”


Leigha wrote: “Kaydence accepting peewee awards at ubra world, thank you Jessica Jones Beauvais we had a great time !!”


Kelly wrote: “Thanks so much!! Cale had fun and loved her stuff!”


Kim wrote: “Thank you so much for all you put into making it such a GREAT WEEKEND for so many, Jess!!! Please thank your family for all their service and sacrifice as well!”


Jolene wrote: “Had a great time at the UBRA World show/JJ Classic Futurity! Thank you Jessica Jones Beauvais, Bronson, all the staff and arena help and R & J Arena, Litl Bit of Tack, All the vendors and sponsors! Its awesome to have an event like this in the north country. Very well run event with excellent payout!”


Rae wrote: “Hey Jessica! Thanks for a great race this past weekend!!!!”


Hadley wrote: “Thank you Jessica Jones Beauvais for a great weekend up at Verndale! So glad I became a member and was able to enter. Payout was fabulous, everything was ran great and moved along super fast! I’ll be back next year!”


Dayna wrote: “Thanks for all your hard work Jess!! Wonderful show! Looking forward to next year already!! :)”


Cindy wrote: “Wow Jess, thank you!! – You did an outstanding job with your event. Awesome. and thank you husband for the good ground I so very much appreciate running on good ground.”


Kelly wrote: “Everyone did great! So fun to see all you girls having great runs and winning so much money! Thanks to Jessica Jones Beauvais for putting together such a fantastic barrel race.”


Amber wrote: “George and Naughty managed to pull off a pretty good weekend and we are headed home with $1,300 in my pocket after UBRA finals. Very pleased with them both! Thank you Jessica Jones Beauvais for a nice weekend it’s fun to be part of the UBRA crew with you! :)”


Fonda wrote: “Hi Jes, I received $1075 worth of UBRA store gift certificates yesterday…. Thank You! My horses are looking forward to their BOT pampering! Thank you for a great weekend!”

BIG THANK YOU TO Jessica Jones Beauvais for ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!
Had some great laughs and fun conversation!!!
Hope everyone makes it home safe and its time to work hard and practice lots to get ready for the Pro Elite World!!!! #Greatfeelingbesthorsefriends”


UBRA awards notes:

Alicia wrote: “Fancy and I with our 2013 UBRA futurity awards, we love them.”
Alicia Gaarder


Wendy wrote: “Thanks Jessica Jones Beauvais for all you do for the UBRA organization and for the awesome embroidery work!”


UBRA World North 2013 Comments/Pictures/Videos Via Facebook –

Video of fast time of the weekend and NEW arena record – Alyshia Moe and Payday

Amber wrote: “WOW! what a great weekend at UBRA World show! Bullet was on fire, and it felt great! My boys did their jobs, pulled a check EVERYDAY!! best money weekend of the season! Im smiling thats for sure! Congrats to everyone who won money and awards and thank you to those who worked super hard to make it a good weekend and to Jessica Jones Beauvais for the UBRA putting on the event! πŸ™‚ im a happy lady!”

Sue wrote: “What a great weekend! Had a fun day at Becker arena with members of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Patrol then took off for UBRA World where I HAD A GOOD RUN!!!!! Thanks Jessica Jones Beauvais for letting me in on that available slot and where I finally beat the “Verndale Curse. For some reason Jay and I have never clocked very well there but today we were winning the 4D until Alisha Moe decided to break the arena record with only 15 riders to go…..hahahaha! We posted our best time ever and even though it was only the 4D and then we got bumped it still felt great.”

Barbara wrote: “What a great weekend at ubra world! I almost won a saddle!! I got a great back on track blanket!!! And some $$! My horse wasn’t even running his best! (Or my ridding was off) thank you Jessica Jones Beauvais for putting on the show!”

Wendy wrote: “Super proud of Isabelle and Reno, they ended up 3rd in the 1D youth average and ran in the open 1D and high 2D all weekend, super consistent in their runs! Once again bringing home some nice checks, their best weekend yet πŸ™‚ It was fun to watch so many amazing horses and their riders! Thanks Jessica and everyone else that helped run an extremely organized show with lots of added money and terrific awards!!!”

Haley wrote: “I just want to say thanks to everyone who was there for me this weekend. We went through hell this weekend and back. Big shout out to Jessica Jones Beauvais for putting this amazing barrel race on and running around with her head cut off. πŸ™‚ much appreciated. And to my amazing horses thay give me there heart every run. We may not have brought home money but you gave me some really nice runs and never fail to out a smile on my face. β™‘♥β™‘”

Sara Kottke’s horse all decked out and ready to rock!
All ready to go in his snazzy new boots ;)

Alicia Gaarder’s horse chilling out prior to winning the UBRA World Futurity division!
Fancy all cleaned up and ready for the weekend

PeeWee riders Jezimay Watson, Trinity & Hailey Beauvais having some pony fun!

Roasting smores!

UBRA World Qualifier jackets



Jessica –

I just wanted to gove you a BIG THank you for such a well organized and smooth run Barrel Race. We truely enjoyed ourselves – visiting with people we knew and meet a lot of nice people. I wish I would of planned on Staying through Monday but work schedule did not allow – Next year I will plan that better. Again Thank you – You and your crew did an amazing job.

Til Next year!