Dec 05

Nominations OPEN for UBRA Producer of the Year!

We want to hear from U! The UBRA is all about U! What producer that has certified 5 events or more with the UBRA do U feel deserves to be UBRA Producer of the Year and why? We have many GREAT producers…let’s hear what U think!

Email with “UBRA Producer of the Year” in the subject line. Be sure to include the producers name, locations of events and why U think they deserve to be the UBRA Producer of the Year!

U must be a UBRA member to nominate a producer. Nominations close Saturday, December 9th.

View the UBRA eNews online here:

Erin Bayer – They amount of show and the way she goes out of her way to accommodate everyone 😊

Outbuck Riders Sheldon,WI , They always go above and beyond to have their shows and try to reschedule every rain date. She may not have the biggest turn outs but she always has her shows and I think she has been having UBRA shows for a couple years now. Seems to me UBRA really took off this year here in WI, and we can’t forget the places that held the shows before it was so big in Wisconsin.

I would like to nominate Lynde Johnson and her Go For Broke Productions team. Best run, smooth shows guaranteed. Great pay, great facilities, great ground. Can’t wait to go back to her shows in 2018!

I’d like to nominate Michelle Brookshier as Producer of the Year for offering some great opportunities to run for points and prizes at her MR Barrel Productions events. The events were well run, fees were fairly priced and the awards at the series ends were fantastic. In the events that I attended, everyone seemed happy to be there and the atmosphere was upbeat and friendly. It was nice to have a few options of places to go this past year and be able to also run for UBRA points. I hope she continues to co-sanction with UBRA.

I’d like to nominate Leslie Howell for UBRA Producer of the Year for adding UBRA as an additional option to the NBHA shows in Kansas. By co-sanctioning with UBRA, it allowed the non-member fee to be waived for NBHA non-members and allowed NBHA and UBRA members to run for points with both associations with just one run. Leslie is always very upbeat at her events and is always looking for a way to pay back her members for participating and helping at the races. The results are submitted promptly and as a member, we are able to keep better track of our points and standings. It’s nice to have someone who listens to the contestants and offers opportunities like this.

Go for broke productions is well organized, affordable and the help is great, from barrel setters, gate girls, office, and great tractor drivers. They post results in a timely manner and have results sent into each organization that is sanctioned.

SC Productions! Casey’s always organized, her runs are smooth and run on time! Her slot races are always so exciting!

I want to vote for Outbuck Arena in Sheldon. Reece and Michelle go above and beyond for the contestants and their needs! They make sure the needs of the contestants are met first. They are there to help individuals in need and everyone has a great time when they go there. Michelle will meet you with a smile and make you feel like the most important person. Their motto is Outbuck Riders Arena! Where World Champions go to run! A place where Champions build each other to follow and achieve their Dreams! Gotta love TEAM OUTBUCK!! DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE! They truly love their team. That team consists of every persons that enters that arena! They are a blessing!!

3 Turns Productions does a fabulous job! Love love love their events! (Annette Peterson & Kylie Nissen)

******* MICHELLE BROOKSHIER gets my VOTE ********

I would like to nominate Michelle Brookshier for the award. I have been a UBRA Member since the beginning and feel she has done the most to try to bring UBRA to Missouri. She has made a point of promoting the UBRA memberships at all of her personal races and well has the NBHA MO-01 races that she scheduled. This is a well deserved award that I would love to see go to Michelle.

Thank you 🙂

I would like to nominate Outbuck Riders (Michelle and Reece Kinney) for the UBRA producer of the year!
I strongly believe that they deserve this because not only do they maintain immaculate arena conditions and run shows in a very efficient and timely manner, they also are very hospitable and work with/for the competitors/riders. All their time and effort really do pay off and it shows and leaves a mark on everyone who has had a chance to make it to one of their races! Probably the easiest show to ride at and super fun as well!

Thank you!

My vote is Go For Broke Productions-Waterloo, IA; Elkhart, IA; Topeka, KS; Cedar Rapids, IA;

Go For Broke Productions makes each barrel race family friendly and fun. Lynde is easy to work with and she is always willing to help make someone’s day easier or help with draws if coming from or going somewhere else the same day/weekend.

Her entry has gone online which makes entering a lot easier to remember and get done rather than sending out an entry form. Shows always run smoothly and on time. Go For Broke Productions accommodates the schedule when they know it will be a big show, that way we’re not running until all hours of the morning.

Lynde knows almost all of her contestants when they come up to the office. It is seldom she doesn’t at least know who someone is. That is a huge factor in our industry and I am someone who enjoys going to shows that the producer actually knows who I am. I love Go For Broke Productions and the barrel races they put on!!


I wanted to nominate Erin Bayer, she holds many races, some series, some benefits and at different arenas. She does a great job making sure she has enough help and workers. Her races always start on time, and she does everything she can to accommodate everyone, as well as run in the race herself !

I would like to nominate Outbuck as producer of the year, located in Sheldon, WI.  They go above and beyond with their shows and have hosted a TON.  They provide outstanding awards, ALWAYS have food on the grounds, have a beautiful location and arena, and are some of the nicest people I have ever met that put on a show.  Even after the fact, they continue to uplift and support people that have participated at their shows by showing support on social media.  I hope they win, as that should not go unnoticed.  

Thank you for giving members the chance to vote!