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The UBRA is an organization which was established in 2002 with the mission to work with producers, contestants and sponsors to offer a unique awards program that would benefit everyone involved. Guidelines are set up for producers to help conduct their events. Particular rules for each particular event are left to the discretion of each producer/arena to allow the UBRA to promote a variety of events that members may attend.

Print and mail form (Print & Mail Membership Application ) along with check or money order.
If you are using SS$ to pay for a portion or all of your membership, you must process your membership via mail.

MEMBERSHIP & POINTS SEASON January 1st to December 31st of each year..
Open: Riders of any age
Youth:  Riders 17 & under
PeeWee: Riders 8 & under
Senior:  Riders 50 & over
*Futurity horse: 5 & under and have not competed prior to 12/1/16. (born prior to 12/31/13)
*Derby horse: 7 & under (born prior to 12/31/11, cannot Derby more than 2 yrs).
*Open horse: Any horse not eligible for futurity/derby
*UBRA POINTS TRACK BY HORSE. RIDER MUST HAVE UBRA MEMBERSHIP FOR POINTS TO TABULATE.* A copy of the nominated horse must be submitted to the UBRA office (UBRA, LLC; 960 Bunyan Ave. Balsam Lake, WI 54810 or email to

Whichever membership you have is the class and division you can earn points in as well as compete at the UBRA World in. Membership is active as soon as it is paid for.

3 YEAR MEMBERSHIPS NOW AVAILABLE – 2018 THROUGH 2020 (Expire 12/31/20)



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UBRA Facts:
***The UBRA has been promoting family friendly barrel races since 2002 and has awarded over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes!

***There were over 1,000 members and 600+ certified events in MN, ND, IA, SD, WI, MO, KS, IL, OH, NE, MT & MI in the 2015 season.

***Home of the “You’re the Champion ~ You Choose Your Award” awards program. UBRA members receive gift certificates for their year end titles and at clean slate UBRA shows and are able to choose their own awards from the UBRA Store and UBRA Awards Program Sponsors.

***UBRA World Events $20,000 ADDED Purse Min.! Over $100,000 awarded at 2015 World alone!!

*** UBRA is HASSLE FREE – Join and Win!
No obligations! No fundraising or commitments!
UBRA tabulate points and publish online…members can view a complete audit of their points.
Points are submitted to the UBRA office by the show secretary – No point slips for to turn in!
No extra fees!’

Annual State & National Hi-Point Standings:
Top 10 National Hi-Point Awards in Each of the Divisions
Top 10 State Awards for State with over 100 Open members
Top 5 for States with Over 50 Open Members.
Choice of Saddle/Gift Certificates to Champion in each state and division with 50+members
(ANY division: Youth, Open, PeeWee, Futurity or Derby)
Awards for PeeWee, Youth, Futurity and Derby are based on membership #’s for each (20% min will receive awards per membership division)
Rookie of the Year Award for EACH Region
Horse of the Year Award for EACH Region

Plus $20,000 Added UBRA World Clean Slate Show, UBRA Tour double points & prizes and more!!!!


If you already have an account with the, please login to the right and then you can renew your memberships, verses having to setup a new account.