JJ Classic Maturity 2nd Go

2nd Go JJ CLASSIC $2,000 Added 2D Half Second MATURITY
First Last Horse Owner Year Sire Dam S 2nd Go    
Claire Roiland MP Drift of Snow Claire Roiland 2009 PC Frenchmans Hayday MP Top Drifter M 14.345 1D-1 $631
Hailey Beauvais NR – Six Tuff Enuf Ranch 2006     G 14.555 1D-2 $473
Shannon McBride LRG Dandy Stripper 14.613 1D-3 $394
Carina Morris WASHAKIE JOE SPARKS Robert Viaene 2010 KAY CROSS CAJUN Washakie Dam G 14.620 1D-4 $315 $133
Jessica Beck OneWildCincoDeMayo Jessica Beck 2012 Docs Oakes Wild Alyce G 14.626 1D-5 $263
Tonya Williams DR. NICK BARS TREASURE Tonya Williams 2010 MANORS NICK BAR Ms Treasured Penny G 14.668 1D-6 $210 $111
Hilary Van Gerpen Three Tymes A Lady Amy Schimke 2011 Tres Seis Shesnowlady M 14.705 1D-7 $184
Nikki Singler Sioux Zee Richard Vernon 2012 A Shiner Named Sioux JRC Quixote O Lena M 14.711 1D-8 $158  
Alexis Neese TQH Sonitas Tivio Melissa Lehmann 2010 Sonitas Jo Bar VW Poco Two Tivio G 14.747
Johna Ryan SMACK DADDY DUN IT Johna Ryan 2007 SIX MOONS BULLY Monetary Agreement G 14.752     $89
Amber Hultman NICKS FRENCH DUDE Amber Hultman 2010 MANORS NICK BAR Romances French Gem G 14.754     $66
Patti Hovland MANORS LADY JET Patti Hovland 2004 MANORS NICK BAR Lady Jet Dasher M 14.764     $44
Erin Bayer BENANNA GOLDSTREAKER Lazy Ear Performance 2005 NINETY NINE GOLDMINE Hnna Banna M 14.785      
Ellie Johanson LB BOON Ellie Johanson 2007 PEEKA PEP Clarks TJ G 14.787    
Casey Varpness BOBS FAMOUS BIRTHDAY Shawn & Casey Varpness 2012 DASH TA FAME Skylers Birthday G 14.815      
Kim Chesmore BV Take My Wagon Kim Chesmore 2009 PYC Paint My Wagon Logical Favorite M 14.817  
Sandy Highland Velvet Firefighter Chanda Mueller 2011 IMA Firefighter CL Velvet Lace M 14.819  
Cale Neisius BUGS WISE GUY Kelly Neisius 2008 FRENCHMANS GUY Miss Fancy Bugs G 14.827      
Danielle Rouselange Flits Miss Jamie Danielle Rouselange 2011 Flit Drift Frenchmans Jamie M 14.838      
Kelly Green Dash To Pay Windown Kelly or Dave Green 2007 Cashen In the Stones Dosc Peppy Dash Cash G 14.839      
Terri Welch Afirewater Valentine Theresa Welch 2008 Firewater Frost Sassy Indian G 14.853 2D-1 $420
Stacy Nelson TS BROKE BUT FAMOUS Stacy & Todd Enlson 2012 DASH TA FAME Star of Ryon G 14.875 2D-2 $315 $88
Breana Seifermann A FRENCH REVOLUTION Gina Kobluk   FRENCHMANS GUY Sacs Sunday Times S 14.887 2D-3 $263 $74
Casey Varpness SC SMOKE N RINGS SC Varpness 2009 SMOKE N SPARKS Magic Bugs M 14.889 2D-4 $210 $59
Krystin Rorvick STREAKIN EPISODE Krystin Rorvick 2005 A STREAK OF FLING RM Jus Showin Off M 14.918 2D-5 $175 $44
Delaina Sievers A Smashing Good Time Hot Diamond Performance Horses 2008 Reds Western Native Shes So Smashed M 14.927 2D-6 $140
Ashley Worth Be Assured Im Famous Ashley Worth 2010 Roosters Fame Hanks Pleasure Gal G 14.957 2D-7 $123
Amy Dukatz Frostys Cold Firewater Amy Dukatz 2007 Firewater On Ice AP Rapid Frost M 15.007 2D-8 $105
Jenny Alders STRAIT MONEY HONEY J Alders 2010 STRAIT FIREWATER Allisons Dun Honey M 15.009     $29
Natalie Moen Firewater Strait Lace Natalie Moen 2007 STRAIT FIREWATER Laceys Lucky Seven M 15.042    
Tracy Orr Soula Jewel Star Tracy Orr 2006 Soula Jule Star Peppys Tin Lizzy M 15.046    
Christine Kram MAC A TAC Christine Kram 2011 Quixote Mac Morias Mate G 15.051
Taylor Hilgendorf FIREWATERS FINEST Taylor Hilgendorf 2009 FIREWATER FINALE DC Red Pine Lady M 15.075      
Donna Kalish NICKS SPECIAL K Donna Kalish 2011 MANORS NICK BAR Rebs Special Doll G 15.084      
Sue Ahlgren AS BAD AS CORONA Sue Ahlgren 2011 MORE NACHOS Cameo Di G 15.101      
Pam Elshere My FirewaTerSparklin Pam Elshere 2010 Firewater On Ice Galatehya M 15.108      
Lisa Bruley NRR Stylish Kitty Reis Bruley 2010 Black Catamounts Rey Stylish Holi M 15.109      
Hailey Beauvais NR – Copper Tuff Enuf Ranch 2012     G 15.121      
Jessica Demell So Oh So Special Jessica Demell 2009 Frenchmans Chico Tracys News Brief M 15.130      
Jessica Beauvais DDPAL MISS SPEEDY Tuff Enuf Ranch 2011 DOUBLE DRIFTWOOD Triple Maudie M 15.143      
Emily Stewart RBDONTQUESTIONMYBOOTY Johna Ryan 2008 SIX MOONS BULLY Skyjets Skybug M 15.148      
Krista Rae SALLYS GOT WINGS Krista Rae 2011 KNUD WITH WINGS Two Impress An Angel M 15.167      
Shawn Varpness SHEZA STREAKN SUNFROST Gary & Debra Bartelt 2011 A STREAK OF FLING AP Lucy M 15.175      
Terra Mitzel FRENCHMANS CHICI BUG Terra Mitzel 2011 FRENCHMANS MERCEDES Leaders Lucky Chic M 15.190      
Megan Stegura Hickorys Blue Gal Megan Stegura 2010 Bingos Hickory Blue Becky Gal M 15.216      
Augusta DeMarais Chips RX Fancy Miss Augusta DeMarais   Stormin Power Chip Milday RX For Go M 15.224      
Adeline Nevala SHOWINOFFINTHEKNUD Brenda Rykal 2011 KNUD WITH WINGS JK Sadie Bruce G 15.248      
Emily Stewart ROCK BOTTOM FIRE BUG Johna Ryan 2004 VF MOONFIRE Joaks Moonbug G 15.274      
Sue Ahlgren Tres My Tracks Sue Ahlgren 2010 Tres Seis Lenas Rare Lady G 15.326      
Mary Callahan ASPECIALROMANCE Mary Callahan 2006 MANORS NICK BAR Special Romance G 15.382      
Rachel Hennen 2011 HOLY BART PC Miss Boon Wood M 15.388      
Carrie Tollefson STREAKIN BIKINI GUY Carrie Tollefson 2010 GUYS BIKINI BANDIT Go Moon Streaker G 15.408      
Adeline Nevala NORTHBOUND GAL Adeline Nevala 2010 ANTE UP GUY Leos Tiny Blue M 15.434      
Jessica Beauvais Eyes Okey Dokey Tuff Enuf Ranch 2011 OKEY DOKEY DALE Eyes Tricky Too M 15.450      
Casandra Kleinjan Firen With No Brakes Casandra Kleinjan 2010 VF Moonfire Betty Breaks Now M 15.499      
Lacy Dunsmore WATCH STREAK GO Lacy Dunsmore 2010 A STREAK OF FLING Miss Watch Poco Pine M 15.518      
Kelly Neisius HOLY SUN Kelly Neisius 2010 HOLY BART Frenchmans Drifty Go G 15.521      
Stella Hillmann HOT WINTER FLING Kelly Jo Hillman 2010 A STREAK OF FLING BJL Hot Winter Scotch M 15.637      
Bailey Webb-Olson Littlilbit Smashed Bailey Webb-Olson 2011 Volcom Rare Easy Jet G 15.645      
Stacy Schultz FIDDLE AROUND LUCK Stacy Schultz 2011 TINY BIT OF LUCK Flit N Fiddle M 15.740      
Michelle Nelson KT Great Little Lena Michelle Nelson 2010 Splat Nic Buble Up Olena G 15.806      
Ashley Conely YAWL FAMOUS Ashley Conely 2003 DASH TA FAME Yawl R Zani M 15.810      
Kierra Weight Dash of Ginger Sheri Weight 2011     M 15.948      
Lacy Dunsmore AGOIN FRENCHMAN Lacy Dunsmore 2011 FRENCHMANS MOONLITE DashonRosie G 16.506      
Brandi Sillerud SIPPIN BOLD FIREWATER Brandi Sillerud 2011 STRAIT FIREWATER Rula Boldita M 16.620      
Delaina Sievers LM A Classy Design Hot Diamond Performance Horses 2007 Designer Red Blues Doc Annie M 16.879      
Delaina Sievers Imma Be Famous (2) Hot Diamond Performance Horses 2010 Pyron Six LA Fame M 16.932      
Bill Trethaway WR Pepper Shine Bill Trethaway 2011 BP Smart Little Pep WR Swing N Shine M 17.706      
Sherry Wyffels Blazin U Turn Sherry Wyffels 2011 Blazin Jetolena Running Speeder M 914.437      
Katie Klungseth FRENCH GIRLS PROFIT Katie Klungseth 2012 ANTE UP GUY Double Down Profits M 914.556      
Dayna Spindler Dash of Skeye Dayna Spindler 2007 Mr Eye Opener Fleurs First Down M 914.656      
Ashley Worth I ASSURE U GUYS Ashley Worth 2011 FRENCHMANS GUY Hanks Pleasure Gal G 914.727      
Amy Dukatz IMA French Jet Amy Dukatz 2011 Guys French Jet MS Ima Red G 914.780      
Molly Otto KS Lips Like Sugar Josh Seeger 2010 Pyron Six Hemps Misty Charger M 914.947      
Teresa Peterson Three Ta Six Anthony Peterson 2009 Three Ta Six Wire Ta Wire G 915.503      
Barb Bauer FRENCHYSLUCKYCHARM Barb Bauer 2011 FRENCHMANS GOLDCHARM Aprils Diamond Flit G 915.629      
Rachel Schultz BR Shot Rachel Schultz 2010 Shotiche Lets Rock This Clock M 915.764      
Lindsey Beech FC Firewood Denise Beech 2011 Notenough Firewater Speedy Dyna M 915.794      
Tessa Peterka CARTEL SPEED Tessa Peterka 2011 CARTEL DANCER Passing Speed G 916.057      
Nikki Singler Red Bug Jetta Nikki & Scott Singler 2009 Red Bug From Hell Mamas Angel Pie M NT      
Ella Larson ANTE UP FRENCH GIRL Rachel Larson 2011 ANTE UP GUY Rosa Red Penny M NT      
Chrystal Richter GM SPARKIN THE MOON Chrystal Richter 2012 SMOKE N SPARKS   G scratch      
Calley Worth DashForCashNCorona Barb Worth 2009 High On Corona Dash For Dee M scratch      
Tammy Rudningen JANGLE TA FAME Tammy Rudningen 2011 TAC TA FAME Parker Zan Peppy M scratch