Horse Incentive Members

Memberships are active from date of purchase 🙂 A welcome packet will be mailed with membership card will be sent once the membership application has been processed which will be within 3-4 weeks after their application and membership fees are received in the main office.

Membership list update with memberships received by 10:03 am February 16th, 2019 by mail/online.

2019 Horse Incentive Members:

Last First Horses Division Sire Horse#
1/1 Chesmore Amy A Dash of Ivory Futurity H264
1/12 McCumber Amelia Aint Seen Famous Yet Futurity H275
1/1 Ahlgren Sue As Bad As Corona Derby More Nachos H7
1/5 Williams Tonya Ask My Advice Open Horse H102
1/1 Chesmore Amy Bayou A Freightrain Futurity H263
1/12 Shultz Jean BRATZILLA Open Horse DASH TA FAME H283
1/29 Brookshier Michelle Bullets Kiowa Kid Open Horse H292
1/1 Magnuson Cadence BW Dashin N Cashin Derby H265
1/29 Reazin Taylor Cajo Snazzy Moon Open Horse H290
1/9 Schewe Ronna Chips RX Fancy Miss Open Horse H277
1/29 Reazin Taylor Claims Ta Be Famous Open Horse H289
1/1 Beauvais Hailey Copper Open Horse H20
1/16 Paumen Heather CRSB Gun N Sprat Futurity Fiestas Gotta Gun H286
1/6 Stender Rilie Cryin in the Rain Derby H99
2/5 Fruth Maddy Dashing Good Reason Derby Good Reason SA H84
1/5 Williams Tonya Dr Nick Bars Treasure Open Horse MANORS NICK BAR H104
1/15 Schelonka Kristina Easyonureyes Derby H101
1/1 Beauvais Jessica Elles French Fame Derby H259
1/1 Beauvais Jessica Eyes Okey Dokey Open Okey Dokey Dale H23
1/5 Nelson Michelle Fifty Shades of Luck Derby H54
1/5 Cagle Kelly Fired Up Beaches Open Horse H107
1/29 Stephes Olivia Flash Of Scotch Derby CS FLASHLIGHT H46
1/1 Viaene Laurie FRENCHINFAMOUS Futurity DASH TA FAME H278
1/12 Scherkenbach Maya Guylicious Open Horse H276
1/1 Tweed Korrey Happily Moving On Derby Firewaterontherocks H297
1/5 Hartwig Tina Hardwood Derby H140
1/8 McKay Matt Hawk Open Horse H271
1/14 Stueck Katie Im A Royal Casanova Open Horse H284
1/12 Lawson Morgan J Bar T Voo Doo Man Open Horse H95
1/16 Callahan Mary JMS Thisbugs For You Derby Firewater Finale H184
1/1 Barnett Gini Kaweahs Cash Open H79
1/14 Johanson Ellie LB Boon Open H47
1/16 Paumen Heather LeaveDallasintheDust Derby STRAIT FIREWATER H287
1/15 Heckart Kelly Lil’ Chilly Roll Open Horse Easy Rolin Rollex H281
1/3 Viaene Laurie Little Gold Wagon Futurity PYC Paint Your Wagon H280
1/5 Schultz Stacy Lucky Ninety Nine Derby H56
1/5 Williams Tonya Mamas Lil Wagon Derby H103
1/5 Nissen Kylie Mary Jane Derby New Holly Dance H197
1/29 Bradley Katelin Metro Maggie Derby H291
1/5 Nissen Kylie No Hiden Me Open Rawhides Little Peppy H196
1/1 Fey Tanya O So Country Derby SUN FROST COUNTRY H77
1/24 Suter Cotie Oh Ninety Nine Derby Ninety Nine Goldmine H28
1/18 Beck Jessica Onewildcincodemayo Derby H85
1/1 Luepke Emmy RC Special Feature Open Horse H267
1/24 Suter Cotie Request Te Firewater Open Horse Firewater Finale H288
1/31 Orysen Bobbie Jo ROCK BOTTUMS UP Futurity SIX MOONS BULLY H294
1/5 Cagle Kelly Rumble On Open Treasued Island H161
1/29 Schonhoff Sidney Saltys Trick Penny Open Horse H293
1/1 Lidberg Elizabeth SCR Hickory Gal Open Horse H268
1/1 Chesmore Kim Shake the Flashlight Futurity H269
2/3 Jones Laurie Shez Plenty Doc Open Horse H296
1/1 Thosheim Alexa Six Moons Count Down Open Horse H266
1/11 Hansen Tara Smart N Cromed Up Futurity Cromed Out Mercedes H273
1/16 Weight Sheri Smokin LIl Haida Derby H93
1/25 Anderson Kaydi Smooth Strawberryred Futurity H133
1/29 Reazin Taylor Southern JF Futurity H291
1/5 Schmit Jessica Special On Dynamite Derby H222
2/6 Cooley Amy Squirt Derby H144
1/1 Chesmore Kim SR ROYAL KOCHIE Derby H18
1/9 Schmitz Tanya Sugars Drifter Girl Futurity H272
1/12 Kuhn Kathy Sunset Streak Futurity H274
1/18 Crimmins Sarah Surelygonnabefamou Futurity TS Sunnymademefamous H282
1/7 Gunderson Heidi Takin on A Storm Derby H30
1/11 Robert Macy Tardy Poppin Cash Open Horse H216
1/6 Clarke Ashley The Talkins Over Open H157
1/29 Howard Aubrey Tibbs Gold Fix Open Horse H293
1/1 King Lori TM Blue Duck/Sak Ems Last Derby H75
1/1 Ahlgren Sue Tres My Tracks Open Tres Seis H8
1/1 St Clair Tiffany Trouble N Dallas Derby DALLAS ALLEY H173
2/6 Cooley Amy Trump Open Horse H300
1/15 Schaefer Jean Trust Me I Got This Futurity Firewater Finale H153
1/1 Nelson Stacy TS Silent Bid Derby DASH TA FAME H2
2/9 Polzin Kristin UPTOWN LUCK Futurity TINY BIT OF LUCK H299
1/1 Groski Jana VF Alive N Streaking Derby H298
1/1 Groski Jana VF Lightning Strike Open H5
1/2 Viaene Laurie VF Wheely Famous Derby Eddie Stinson H279
1/1 Theisen Jodi VR Western Redwood Derby H262
2/12 Brandt Brittany What A Whiz It Is Open Horse H301
1/1 Neuman Chelsea White Hot Dinero Futurity PC Frenchmans Hayday H260
1/1 Beauvais Jessica WILD FLING Futurity Frostman San Peppy H270
1/1 Amdahl Della Zcottonspinecountry Derby SUNFROST COUNTRY H261
2/3 Michalski Kim ZZ Docs Lil Lass Futurity H295
1/15 Seifermann Breana Futurity H285