Sep 11

Get total gut health with Gastro-Plex pellets!

Two-way Support!

High level competition can be stressful and may put your horse at risk for gastric upset. GI discomfort can severely alter your horse’s overall health and performance. Prevention and maintenance is essential to supporting healthy digestive function!

Gastro-Plex™ is an easy and affordable daily pellet that provides key ingredients (antioxidants, probiotics, and herbals) for total gut support PLUS Levucell® SC Yeast to help reduce risk of colic.

Levucell® SC is a powerful yeast that reduces the risk of colic/digestive disorders by supporting the hind gut:
Offsets negative impact of high starch diets
Improves fiber digestion in hind gut
Provides direct source of nutrients to nourish good bacteria
Stabilizes digestive flora during periods of stress for overall health and performance
Clinically Researched

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