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Friday Night Lights

Event Start Date: 06/22/2018

Contact Dakota Johnson
Phone: 712-298-2528
Location : Algona, IA, USA
Visit Website

Jessica Beauvais

$5.00 office fee
$5.00 warm up each
** limited warm ups available**
Youth 4D Ages 17 & Under (as of January 1st 2018) $25
Open 4D $30 (open to everyone)
Pee Wee $5 ages 8 and under
80% Pay back

Jackpot Rules:
t-shirts, Jeans, and boots
A downed barrel will result in a No Time
All entries must be paid before the first horse runs
Once entries are paid there are NO refunds
No re-runs on timer malfunction with a knocked barrel
Children are not allowed near the arena gate, unless they are getting ready to compete
No standing on arena fencing
A horse may enter each race only one time
NO schooling of horses in the arena- excessive whipping, jerking etc. will not be tolerated.
All entries must be paid in cash only
Dogs must be kept on a leash
60 Second time limit on all warm-ups - NO TRAINING
NO switching of draw positions
Short drag after every 7 runs, big drag after every 49 runs
Failure to answer 3 gate calls will result in disqualification
No tying horses to fences

Please clean up after yourself, your children, & your horses. Manure needs to be picked up and put in your trailer. Please do not put manure in the trash cans.
Closed Gate.
**No horses on the race track or outside the pit are. If you are caught doing either or both you will asked to leave the grounds.

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