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Pipestone Smokin Barrels

Event Start Date: 07/07/2018

Contact Diane Bucher & Tiffany Cross
Phone: 507-215-0989
Location : Pipestone, MN, USA
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Jessica Beauvais

The Pipestone Smoking Barrel Series is a new series that will be starting this summer it will be UBRA approved. The Series is on Saturday nights starting at 4pm with exhibitions and runs start at 5pm, we will also be having poles following barrels. This will be a fun barrel series for everyone to enjoy. The ground is very good and holds up even when wet. If anyone has anymore questions please call either Diane Bucher or Tiffany Cross, or post on this website. Please Tag, Post, Invite, and Share with your friends and family to let them know of our new series and we are excited for a fun summer seeing people and watching some fast horses. There will be bathrooms open and occasionally I will be taking photos in-between running my horses and helping out in the stands. Please call before hauling if weather is bad or for checking ground conditions.

May 19th, June 23rd, July 7th, July 11th,and August 18th.


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