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$300 added UBRA approved! Open 4-D jackpot!

Event Start Date: 02/03/2018

Contact Shannon Vickery
Phone: 913-687-2073
Location : Drexel, MO, USA
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MO/KS - Crystal Smith

The weekend was looking pretty emptying the weather looks good so let's race!

Added money is thanks to Marsha, Stilwell Rock and Dirt! ❤️ Also Ortho Equine as a sponsor of added money! We have an awesome community!

⭐️ 11-1pm- Individual warmups 
⭐️ 1:00pm-10 minute youth open arena
⭐️ Youth immediately following
⭐️ Following the youth 10 min. open arena
⭐️ Open will not start before 1:30

•Youth 3D whole second splits- no carryovers $25 entry $5 barn fee

•Open 4D half second splits -75% payback
$30 entry $5 entry

⭐️Concessions on site!

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