Event Results

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Dented K Ranch Fall Barrel Series & Goat Tying
Avon MN
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Feia, KenzieRichard 18.348 1st20$23.00
Feia, KenzieJimmy 19.828 2nd0$12.00
Mielke, WhyattPoppy 26.995 3rdNM$7.00
Peterson, LennaMidnight 28.152 4thNM$5.00
Roemmich, Kaialeo 29.917 5thNM$1.00
Thompson, BryceColby 40.188 6thNM$1.00
Waldoch, DrakeRichard 47.097 7thNM$1.00
Mielke, AddyTuff 47.843 8thNM$1.00
Mielke, WhyattButters 58.934 9thNM$1.00
Mielke, WhyattTuff 68.772 10thNM$1.00
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Drechsel, AmberCinder 13.823 1st in 1DNM$75.00
Welsh, AkeelahLacy 13.908 2nd in 1DNM$45.00
Anderson, KaydiSmoothstrawberryred 13.968 3rd in 1D20$30.00
Fruth, MaddyDocs Little mo peppy 14.16 4th in 1D19
Klaphake, BrookeDakota 14.363 5th in 1DNM$63.00
Anderson, KaydiThyme 14.38 6th in 1D0$38.00
Feia, KaydenceRoxy 14.463 7th in 1D18$25.00
Schubart, BrookeSkips Cool Lena 14.483 8th in 1DNM
Sowada, KatieSippin bold firewater 14.81 9th in 1DNM
Klaphake, PaigeTuff 14.861 1st in 2DNM$85.00
Feia, KaydencePenny 15.424 2nd in 2D20$31.00
Feia, KaydenceBone 15.514 3rd in 2D0$20.00
Goerdt, AlexandraButters 15.583 4th in 2DNM$13.00
Easterlund, PaigeShaddow 15.769 5th in 2DNM
Feia, KenzieRoxy 16.089 6th in 2DNM
Wannarka, FaithDigger 16.816 7th in 2DNM
Goerdt, AlexandraWillow 18.988 8th in 2DNM
Demarais, AugustaFlaming holy socks NT 0
Sowada, KatieCora NT NM
Feia, KenzieMissy NT NM
Anderson, KaydiPO NT 0
Wannarka, BrittneyEcho NT NM
Kretzman, IsabelleSuzie Q NT NM
Diehl, MacyPerks NT NM
Peterson, LennaNed NT 0
Thompson, BrennaRemedy NT NM
Klaphake, PaigePhoenix NT NM
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
Demarais, KariCute Ivory James 13.516 1st in 1D20NM$138.00
Drechsel, AmberCinder 13.668 2nd in 1DNMNM$83.00
Demarais, AugustaFlaming holy socks 13.675 3rd in 1D19NM$55.00
Seifermann, BreanaRev 13.804 4th in 1D18NM
Peterson, TeresaRockette 13.823 5th in 1D17NM
Anderson, kaydiSmooth strawberryred 13.934 6th in 1D16NM
Fruth, MaddyDashing good Reason 13.952 7th in 1D15NM
Fruth, MaddyDocs little Mo Peppy 14.16 8th in 1D0NM$118.00
Welsh, AkeelahLacy 14.252 9th in 1DNMNM$71.00
Klaphake, BrookeDakota 14.363 10th in 1DNMNM$48.00
Mielke, AmberTuff 14.368 NMNM
Feia, KaydenceRoxy 14.463 NMNM
Schubert, BrookeSkips Cool Lena 14.483 14NM
Anderson, KaydiThyme 14.58 1st in 2D20NM$95.00
Van DenEyker, MartinChics Genuine King 14.896 2nd in 2DNMNM$63.00
Klaphake, PaigePhoenix 15.062 3rd in 2DNMNM$60.00
Sowada, KatieCora 15.078 4th in 2D19NM$35.00
Feia, KaydencePenny 15.424 5th in 2DNMNM$24.00
Feia, KaydenceBone 15.514 6th in 2DNMNM
Thompson, TameraColby 15.789 7th in 2DNMNM
Kinney, AnthonyMi toi melody 15.817 8th in 2DNMNM
Schaefer, RachelHulk Smash 15.954 9th in 2DNMNM
Sowada, KatieSippin bold firewater 15.988 10th in 2D0NM
Studenski, NikkiDerby 16.207 NMNM
Breth, CarmenCaliopea 16.275 18NM
Goerdt, AlexandraButters 16.494 NMNM
Van DenEyker, MartinFamous Goldmine 17.246 NMNM
Peterson, LennaNed NT 0NM
Seifermann, BreanaSmoothie NT 0NM
Diehl, MacyPerks NT NMNM
Klaphake, PaigePO NT NMNM
Studenski, NikkiLettuce NT NMNM
Rigenhagen, AllisonVegas NT 0NM
Kretzman, IsabelleSuzie Q NT NMNM
Rider Horse Time StandingHorse PointsWinnings
Peterson, TeresaRockette 13.823 1st in 1DNM$22.50
Anderson, KaydiSmooth strawberryred 13.934 2nd in 1D20
Fruth, MaddyDashing good reason 13.952 3rd in 1D19
Rider Horse Time StandingHorse PointsWinnings
Demarais, AugustaFlaming holy socks 13.675 1st in 1D20$7.00
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
2nd Open
Welsh, AkeelahLacy 13.515 1st in 1DNMNM$50.00
Sieferman, BreanaRev 13.602 2nd in 1DNMNM$34.00
Demarais, AugustaFlaming holy socks 13.675 3rd in 1D20NM
, Alisonvegas 13.681 4th in 1DNMNM
Anderson, KaydiSmoothstrawberryred 13.934 5th in 1D19NM
Sieferman, BreanaSmoothie 14.013 6th in 1DNMNM
Mielke, AmberTuff 14.368 7th in 1DNMNM$43.00
Feia, KaydenceRoxy 14.463 8th in 1DNMNM$29.00
Van DenEyker, MartinChics Genuine King 14.896 1st in 2DNMNM$48.00
Feia, KaydencePenny 15.424 2nd in 2DNMNM$21.00
Feia, KaydenceBone 15.514 3rd in 2DNMNM$14.00
Kinney, AnthonyMi toi melody 15.57 4th in 2DNMNM
Van DenEyker, MartinFamous Goldmine 18.92 5th in 2DNMNM
, PaigePhoenix NT NMNM
Breth, CarmenCaliopea NT 0NM
Fruth, MaddyDocs little mo peppy NT 0NM