Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



SD Heartland UBRA TOUR +$1K Memb Sidepot
Huron SD
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
UBRA $1K Sidepot 1D & 3D
Bruley, LisaNRR Stylish Kitty 28.962 1st in 1D40NM$455.00
Worth, CalleyDash For Cash N Corona 29.005 2nd in 1D39NM$341.25
Morris, CarinaWF Wheely Famous 29.083 3rd in 1D38NM$227.50
Morris, CarinaBQ Sunfrost Rocket 29.142 4th in 1D0NM$113.75
Blake, ColyBo Be Famous 29.145 5th in 1D37NM
Groski, JanaVF Lightning Strike 29.157 6th in 1D36NM
Wagner, LaceyRed Hot Panajet 29.331 7th in 1D35NM
Bucher, TessaRebel 29.588 8th in 1D34NM
Lamb, Sara JoSunfrost Scooter 29.645 9th in 1D33NM
Harrison, MicheleFA Lil Red Corvette 29.663 10th in 1DNMNM
Worth, AshleyBB Shake N Bake 29.731 32NM
McCumber, AmeliaFlashlightIrisAzure 29.775 31NM
Sievers, DelainaA Smashing Good Time 29.79 30NM
Alley, KristiFA Woodys Gambler 29.822 NMNM
Buss, ShastaBellas Brio Legacy 31.025 1st in 2D40NM$260.00
DeBerg, KristineBugs Frost 31.029 2nd in 2D39NM$195.00
Nelson, MichelleKT Great Little Lena 31.097 3rd in 2D38NM$130.00
Johannessen, AllysonMoon Bar Magic 31.209 4th in 2D37NM$65.00
Martin, JenTQH Smart Ransom 31.401 5th in 2D36NM
Stegura, MeganHickorys Blue Gal 31.475 6th in 2D35NM
Vankekerix, PamJPS IMA HY DIAMOND 31.515 7th in 2D34NM
Rider Horse Time StandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
UBRA $1K Sidepot 2D & 4D
King, LoriTM Blue Duck 30.081 1st in 1D40NM$390.00
Hagen, ElaineMIP Driftin Sixlet 30.113 2nd in 1D39NM$292.50
Schewe, RonnaChips RX Fancy Miss 30.22 3rd in 1D38NM$195.00
Dorsey, KrystalWoody Frosty Daisy 30.416 4th in 1DNMNM$97.50
Belkham, CarrieSky1 30.468 5th in 1D37NM
McCain, MicaelaJenos Poco Kingalice 30.57 6th in 1D36NM
Hins, JillBF Frenchmans Jet 30.625 7th in 1D35NM
Alley, KristiFA Jet Deck Bugatti 30.657 8th in 1DNMNM
Dykstra, PamHail N Quick/Halo 30.722 9th in 1D34NM
Hagen, ElaineSawyers Joe Glo 32.084 1st in 2D40NM$195.00
Schultz, StacyFiddle Around Luck 32.263 2nd in 2D39NM$146.25
Hins, JillBullets Unwound 32.316 3rd in 2D38NM$97.50
Schultz, StacyLucky Ninety Nine 32.364 4th in 2D0NM$48.75
Martin, KaraCowboy 33.281 5th in 2DNMNM
Suter, CotieOn Ninety Nine NT 0NM
Michalski, KimLurch NT 0NM
Rognlien, AshleyJST Hollys Speed Bug NT 0NM
Bruley, ReisOna Fancy Drifter NT 0NM
Stegura, MeganDH Clines Sonoita NT 0NM
Strandberg, AshleyHollywoods Lil Diva NT 0NM
Bruley, ReisStreakin Fast Flash NT 0NM
Morris, CarinaWashakie Joe Sparks NT 0NM
Worth, CalleyJRT Lilys Cash NT 0NM
Shultz, JeanBratzilla NT 0NM
Dorsey, KrystalRaindrips on Board NT NMNM
Worth, AshleyI Assure U Guys NT 0NM
Jorgenson, KatilynnKitty Dun It NT 0NM
Jones, JaylaWhinny NT NMNM
Michalski, KimRaymond NT 0NM
Viaene, LaurieDunit In Paris NT 0NM
Fey, TanyaMJG Pacos Little Lil NT 0NM
Schimmel, CaitlinFM Misty Moon NT 0NM
Browning, HeatherLord NT NMNM
Corcoran, KaseyHigh Ole Matilda NT 0NM
Syvertson, IsabellaHoward the Dun NT 0NM
Deters, BrendaFantastic French Fling NT 0NM
DeBerg, KristineMark it Down NT 0NM
Bucher, DianeFlash NT NMNM
Johnson, JennaVF Fast N Famous NT 0NM
Sigaty, KristinaDusty NT 0NM
Amdahl, DellaWranglers Foxy Venus NT 0NM
Suter, CotieRequest Te Firewater NT 0NM
Marzahn, PaigeOreo NT NMNM
Cross, MaKaylaDoc NT NMNM
Fey, TanyaO So Country NT 0NM
Meindl, CarynBoons Lonsum Doc NT 0NM
Ahlgren, SueTres My Tracks NT 0NM
Marzahn, ShyannPolly NT NMNM
Larson, EmilyBMQ Lucy NT 0NM
Syvertson, IsabellaSon Ofa Hickory Acre NT 0NM
Callahan, MaryJMS Thisbugs For You NT 0NM
Brewer, CharleighSally NT NMNM
Maack, AshleyThe Reckin' Bar NT 0NM