Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



Oasis Tuesday Night Buckle Series
Lindstrom MN
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Iserman, NatalieTurner17.131stNM
Anderson, ParkerMicro20.3782ndNM
Kuntz, TeaganChica23.5793rdNM
Kuntz, TaesynChillea25.6854thNM
Slipka, KarleeMia27.7635thNM
Iserman, NatalieRuby28.3576thNM
Odegaard, LexiNova42.2797thNM
?, TallyNova46.1978thNM
Maleug, ToriSpeedy47.7639thNM
Rawlings, AvaKC48.43110thNM
Smith, SadieeBert54.91310NM
Sullwold, AliceTaz55.01910NM
Anderson, RaelynBetty60.70510NM
Anderson, BooneChewy77.91610NM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
Open 4D
Anderson, JolieRex15.2751st in 1DNMNM110.88
Schlegel, MadiDiesel15.6762nd in 1DNMNM81.31
Kuntz, TaylorRockie15.7483rd in 1DNMNM54.21
Kleidon, StephanieGuinness15.8744th in 1D20NM84.48
Anderson, MarieHickory15.8895th in 1DNMNM63.36
Gravelle, KaylynJosie16.0266th in 1DNMNM42.24
Bergtrom, HannahHickory's Pepto16.0397th in 1DNMNM21.12
Olsen, JordanR Shade of Whiz16.1248th in 1DNMNM
O'Sullivan, KrystalLegs16.1649th in 1D19NM
Schultz, JessicaLL Franchmns Beamer16.27210th in 1DNMNM
Degerman, AshleyTini16.2911st in 2DNMNM56.32
Clemens, KathyCool lil Jose16.312nd in 2DNMNM42.24
Jacobson, ChelseaR Morning Star16.3293rd in 2DNMNM28.16
Zehrer, AmyJusta Judge Cash16.3474th in 2D202014.08
Thorsheim, AlexaSix Moons Count Down16.3655th in 2DNMNM
Cain, AlanaHappy At Last16.3816th in 2DNMNM
Smith, EmmaWhisper16.7767th in 2DNMNM42.24
Somerville, CarlySugar16.7828th in 2DNMNM31.68
Cain, AlanaRemins Lady Faline16.8339th in 2DNMNM21.12
Dostal, AshleyCrawfords Luck16.85410th in 2D19NM10.56
Kleidon, ChrisCK Shellys Sierra17.01318NM
Bradley, AnnaKhalaa17.035NMNM
Youngman, RileyFlyin to the Hauge17.095NMNM
Bromen, RachelCorona with Lime17.289NMNM
Wolkerstoffer, AnaliseJake17.307NMNM
Bachmeyer, SummerPeptos Last Shot (Finn)17.483NMNM
Beezavicz, DanaJust a Little Rowdy17.749NMNM
Schlegel, JaydenBaxter17.75NMNM
Tremblay, LaurenRay17.884NMNM
Neutkens, AndreaNoah17.898NMNM
Gorski, MadisonBunko19.64217NM
Anderson, SamiKing19.994NMNM
Kolve, TiaPistol20.03216NM
Kuntz, TaylorGypsy21.019NMNM
Schuna, DanielleNova21.021NMNM
Salokar, ToryPepsi21.135NMNM
Olinger, BriJedi NTNMNM
Rorvick, KrystinStreakin Episode NT0NM
Schlegel, JaydenSummer NTNMNM
Parks, JaydGo a Little Crazy NTNMNM
VanDeRiet, JodiCheyenne NTNMNM
VanDeRiet, JodiTime to Keep a Secret NTNMNM
Larson, BrookePaisley NTNMNM
Olson, TristenDaisy NTNMNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Youth 3D
Anderson, JolieRex15.3371st in 1DNM63
Kuntz, TaylorRockie15.7482nd in 1DNM37.8
Schlegel, MadiDiesel15.9543rd in 1DNM25.2
Parks, JaydGo a Little Crazy16.1424th in 1DNM
Thorsheim, AlexaSix Moons Count Down16.3651st in 2DNM37.8
Smith, EmmaWhisper16.3752nd in 2D2022.68
Schlegel, JaydenBaxter16.413rd in 2DNM15.12
Kuntz, TaylorGypsy16.7624th in 2DNM
Beezavicz, DanaJust a Little Rowdy16.9255th in 2DNM
Gravelle, KaylynRoscoe16.9946th in 2DNM
Maki, SydneyMarley17.6997th in 2DNM25.2
Larson, BrookePaisley18.0428th in 2DNM15.12
Smith, AbigailJoey18.7529th in 2DNM10.08
Penard, KristineBean18.910th in 2DNM
Gorski, MadisonBunko18.95219
Kolve, TiaPistol19.45318
Leslie, CoreyHoney20.581NM
Smith, LillyLacey21.377NM
Schlegel, JaydenSummer NTNM
Wolkerstoffer, AnaliseJake NTNM
Olson, TristenDaisy NTNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
Second Open
Gravelle, KaylynJosie15.5981st in 1DNMNM42.84
Schlegel, MadiDiesel15.6162nd in 1DNMNM28.56
Anderson, MarieHickory15.8893rd in 1DNMNM
Degerman, AshleyTini15.9924th in 1DNMNM
Bergtrom, HannahHickory's Pepto16.0385th in 1DNMNM
Zehrer, AmyJusta Judge Cash16.286th in 1D202061.2
Bradley, AnnaKhalaa16.6021st in 2DNMNM24.48
Somerville, CarlySugar16.6212nd in 2DNMNM16.32
Smith, EmmaWhisper16.7763rd in 2DNMNM
Beezavicz, DanaJust a Little Rowdy17.194th in 2DNMNM18.36
Larson, BrookePaisley17.6475th in 2DNMNM12.24
Maki, SydneyLightning18.7266th in 2DNMNM
Anderson, SamiKing19.3277th in 2DNMNM
Tremblay, LaurenRay19.418th in 2DNMNM
Schuna, DanielleNova19.8699th in 2DNMNM
Rorvick, KrystinStreakin Episode NT0NM
Wolkerstoffer, AnaliseJake NTNMNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Results from 1st Open for Sr Pts Only
Anderson, JolieRex15.2751st in 1DNM
Schlegel, MadiDiesel15.6762nd in 1DNM
Kuntz, TaylorRockie15.7483rd in 1DNM
Kleidon, StephanieGuinness15.8744th in 1DNM
Anderson, MarieHickory15.8895th in 1DNM
Gravelle, KaylynJosie16.0266th in 1DNM
Bergtrom, HannahHickory's Pepto16.0397th in 1DNM
Olsen, JordanR Shade of Whiz16.1248th in 1DNM
O'Sullivan, KrystalLegs16.1649th in 1DNM
Schultz, JessicaLL Franchmns Beamer16.27210th in 1DNM
Degerman, AshleyTini16.2911st in 2DNM
Clemens, KathyCool lil Jose16.312nd in 2DNM
Jacobson, ChelseaR Morning Star16.3293rd in 2DNM
Zehrer, AmyJusta Judge Cash16.3474th in 2D20
Thorsheim, AlexaSix Moons Count Down16.3655th in 2DNM
Cain, AlanaHappy At Last16.3816th in 2DNM
Smith, EmmaWhisper16.7767th in 2DNM
Somerville, CarlySugar16.7828th in 2DNM
Cain, AlanaRemins Lady Faline16.8339th in 2DNM
Dostal, AshleyCrawfords Luck16.85410th in 2DNM
Kleidon, ChrisCK Shellys Sierra17.013NM
Bradley, AnnaKhalaa17.035NM
Youngman, RileyFlyin to the Hauge17.095NM
Bromen, RachelCorona with Lime17.289NM
Wolkerstoffer, AnaliseJake17.307NM
Bachmeyer, SummerPeptos Last Shot (Finn)17.483NM
Beezavicz, DanaJust a Little Rowdy17.749NM
Schlegel, JaydenBaxter17.75NM
Tremblay, LaurenRay17.884NM
Neutkens, AndreaNoah17.898NM
Gorski, MadisonBunko19.642NM
Anderson, SamiKing19.994NM
Kolve, TiaPistol20.032NM
Kuntz, TaylorGypsy21.019NM
Schuna, DanielleNova21.021NM
Salokar, ToryPepsi21.135NM
Olinger, BriJedi NTNM
Rorvick, KrystinStreakin Episode NTNM
Schlegel, JaydenSummer NTNM
Parks, JaydGo a Little Crazy NTNM
VanDeRiet, JodiCheyenne NTNM
VanDeRiet, JodiTime to Keep a Secret NTNM
Larson, BrookePaisley NTNM
Olson, TristenDaisy NTNM