Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



Open 4D Jackpots
Detroit Lakes MN
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsWinnings
Strandberg, AshleyHollywoods Li Diva15.3611st in 1D20$31.50
Mortenson, KellenDixie - C from O16.4841st in 2D20$18.70
Johnson, MaryMacy17.2042nd in 2DNM
Swegarden, JaydaDriftin George18.0733rd in 2D19$12.60
Johnson, DarbyLightning19.3244th in 2DNM
Sprague -Surges, AmberSammi23.9255th in 2DNM
Pederson, BellaTuffs Fancy Hancock28.2086th in 2D18
Burkland, AvaGypsy37.2527th in 2DNM
Strandberg, AbbilynSkooter NTNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
Hustad, NicolePixie15.3041st in 1D20NM$86.10
Hustad, ChandraShadowed by Sparks15.5852nd in 1D19NM$51.66
Corcoran, KaseyHigh ole Matilda15.5863rd in 1D18NM$34.44
Christensen, TammyCalvin15.7024th in 1DNMNM
Borgren, TerriCartoon15.7185th in 1DNMNM
Stelter, JessicaTex15.7896th in 1DNMNM
Pilkey, CourtneyTia15.947th in 1DNMNM$73.80
Mortenson, MichelleTiger16.0858th in 1DNMNM$44.28
Pleune, KarcynBarnone16.2589th in 1DNMNM$29.52
Manikowski, LizaRockn On Ready16.3091st in 2DNMNM$49.20
Mortenson, KellenDixie-CY16.4842nd in 2D20NM$29.50
Wessels, MercedesDime C2ndO16.4873rd in 2DNMNM$19.68
Paddock, SavannaLadies Dash of Hop -C2O16.5014th in 2DNMNM
Gabrielson, AlyssaJLO16.5035th in 2DNMNM
Brandt, BrittanyWhiz16.5996th in 2DNMNM
Gabrielson, AlyssaCarson16.7377th in 2DNMNM
Nelson, AnnieWonder Woman16.9558th in 2DNMNM$36.90
Goffin, NatalieArghazi17.0219th in 2DNMNM$22.14
Larson, EmilyDocs a Sport17.05410th in 2D19NM$14.76
Gabrielson, TaliaPumba17.055NMNM
Johnson, MaryMacy CtoY17.204NMNM
Dillard, EmilyChiquita17.599NMNM
Borgren, TerriCola17.849NMNM
Nelson, AnnieMWF SweepThe Gold18.198NMNM
Nelson, AnnieSome Kinda Bubble18.348NMNM
Goffin, NatalieGhazi18.55NMNM
Pilkey, CourtneyBacon18.877NMNM
Stelter, JessicaBoon NTNMNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsHorse PointsWinnings
2nd Open
Corcoran, KaseyHigh ole Matilda15.0871st in 1D20NM$64.68
Hustad, NicolePixie15.3492nd in 1D19NM$43.12
Stelter, JessicaBoon15.373rd in 1DNMNM
Mortenson, KellenDixie -CY15.6174th in 1D18NM$55.44
Manikowski, LizaRockn on Ready15.875th in 1DNMNM$36.96
Borgren, TerriCartoon15.9356th in 1DNMNM
Pilkey, CourtneyTia16.0547th in 1DNMNM
Mortenson, MichelleTiger16.0738th in 1DNMNM
Stelter, JessicaTex16.2241st in 2DNMNM$36.96
Pleune, KarcynBarnone16.3612nd in 2DNMNM$24.64
Christensen, TammyCalvin16.393rd in 2DNMNM
Wessels, MercedesDime C from O16.4874th in 2DNMNM
Paddock, SavannaLadies Dash of Hope - C16.5015th in 2DNMNM
Larson, EmilyDocs a Sport17.6526th in 2D20NM$27.72
Goffin, NatalieGhazi18.437th in 2DNMNM$18.48
Borgren, TerriCola18.7758th in 2DNMNM
Johnson, MaryMacy23.0299th in 2DNMNM
Brandt, BrittanyWhiz NTNMNM
Hustad, ChandraShadowed by Sparks NT0NM
Pilkey, CourtneyBacon NTNMNM
Nelson, AnnieSome Kinda Bubble NTNMNM
Goffin, NatalieAraghazi NTNMNM
RiderHorse TimeStandingUBRA PointsWinnings
2nd Youth
Strandberg, AshleyHollywoods Lik Diva15.1331st in 1D20$31.50
Mortenson, KellenDixie - C from O15.6172nd in 1D19
Johnson, DarbyLightning17.4721st in 2DNM$12.60
Swegarden, JaydaDriftin George17.8712nd in 2D20
Strandberg, AbbilynSkooter21.8953rd in 2DNM
Sprague-, AmberSammi21.94th in 2DNM
Johnson, MaryMacy23.0295th in 2DNM
Burkland, AvaGypsy40.5146th in 2DNM
Pederson, BellaTuffs Fancy Hancock NT0