Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



$300 added UBRA approved! Open 4-D jackpot!
Drexel MO
Rider Horse Time Standing UBRA Points Winnings
Dees, ShaylaGretchen 14.178 1st in 1D NM 82
Mills, AvaMoney 14.307 2nd in 1D NM
Weitman, ShelbyMax 14.402 3rd in 1D NM
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.749 4th in 1D NM
Rhodus, RaeleeViper 14.777 5th in 1D NM
Henderson, CameronIma Sweet Fe Too 15.184 1st in 2D NM 72
Mills, AvaDandy 15.191 2nd in 2D NM
Vickery, CassieShere Khan 16.046 3rd in 2D NM
Vickery, JordanTres 16.14 4th in 2D NM
Henderson, CameronA Speeding Violation 16.291 5th in 2D NM 52
Mills, AvaJosey NT NM
Moon, Bayliehorse 3 13.592 1st in 1D NM $267
Vickery, JordanHenry 13.643 2nd in 1D NM $160
Patla, JeniferCowboy 13.699 3rd in 1D NM $107
Beck, JessicaOneWildCincoDeMayo 13.707 4th in 1D NM
McCullough, AliRebel 13.967 5th in 1D NM
McGee, MelanieBehold He Reigns 14.023 6th in 1D NM
Johnson, TaylorTater 14.032 7th in 1D NM
McCullough, AliSlick 14.049 8th in 1D NM
Mills, AvaMoney 14.151 9th in 1D NM $229
Oney, StacyFlash 14.324 10th in 1D NM $137
Mills, AvaDandy 14.426 NM $92
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.437 NM
McKay, MattHoney 14.439 NM
Everson, LisaTrigger 14.579 NM
McCullough, AliGunner 14.684 1st in 2D NM $153
Helms, MarissaMax 14.71 2nd in 2D NM $92
Oney, StacyBling 14.744 3rd in 2D NM $61
Harris, BrendaIma Sweet Fe Too 14.745 5th in 2D NM
McGee, MelanieJRS Lenas Letta Pep 14.745 4th in 2D NM
Fuqua, JessieSpiderman 14.841 6th in 2D NM
Moon, Bayliehorse 2 14.871 7th in 2D NM
Barnett, GinaKC 14.943 8th in 2D NM
Vickery, Jordan10Man 14.952 9th in 2D NM
Everson, LisaSmoke 14.984 10th in 2D NM
Evans, MeridethBeamer 14.988 NM
Howell, LeslieHyperion Bay 15.051 NM
Moon, Bayliehorse 1 15.054 NM
Mills, AvaJosey 15.066 NM
Cunningham, LakinPrecious 15.066 NM
Johnson, TaylorJuicy 15.11 NM $115
Scott, StephanieSmokie 15.117 NM $69
Johnson, LindaGus 15.539 NM $46
Stobaugh, RebeccaDashing Docs prize 15.545 NM
Barnett, BobbyJessies Lady Bert 15.859 NM
Muller, LizaStryder 15.864 NM
Morgan, KimBound to be a Demon 15.997 NM
Barnett, GinaFlower 16.716 NM
Harris, BrendaMiss Ghost Pac 16.867 NM
Carter, PaulaSugar 17.499 NM
Litts, ShannonBoomer 20.72 NM
Oney, StacyJag NT NM
Beck, JessicaPeaches Six Speed NT NM
Lemka, AlliHigh Star Appeal NT NM
Morgan, KimSure Rolling NT NM
Dees, ShaylaGretchen NT NM
Weitman, ShelbyMax NT NM
Dummit, Micalahorse NT NM
McGuire, AmberRebel's Glory Bea NT NM
Cunningham, LakinChicky NT NM
Helms, MarissaItchy NT NM