Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



Snowflake Series: BELLS*BUCKLES*BARRELS $500 Added FINALE
Drexel MO
Rider Horse Time Standing UBRA Points Winnings
Penny, ParkerCat 14.23 1st in 1D NM 126
Helms, MarissaSailor 14.565 2nd in 1D NM 84
Mills, AvaMoney 14.748 3rd in 1D NM
Vogel, LaurenCrawfish 14.796 4th in 1D NM
Derr, AddieChigger 14.816 5th in 1D NM
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.842 6th in 1D NM
Vickery, Jordan10Man 14.883 7th in 1D NM
Rhodus, RaeleeViper 14.906 8th in 1D NM
Filkins, DaniMaggie 15.054 9th in 1D NM
Wright, DelaneyTadpole 15.107 10th in 1D NM
Jacobson, KendahlReno 15.396 1st in 2D NM 76
Helms, MarissaItchy 15.542 2nd in 2D NM 50
Ptacek, NovaBomber 15.606 3rd in 2D NM
Trotter, EmmaMidnight 15.705 4th in 2D NM
Vickery, CassieShere Khan 16.364 5th in 2D NM 50
Tschirhart, RileyDaisy 16.531 6th in 2D NM 34
Martin, KatelynPatches 16.869 7th in 2D NM
Mills, AvaJosey 18.927 8th in 2D NM
Williamson, CallieCappy 20.334 9th in 2D NM
Pemberton, SaigeRed NT NM
Jacobson, KendahlDally NT NM
Vickery, JordanHenry 13.909 1st in 1D NM $156
Tate, BaileyTucker 14.023 2nd in 1D NM $93
McCullough, AliRebels Memories 14.201 3rd in 1D NM $62
Helms, MarissaSailor 14.338 4th in 1D NM
McCullough, AliOne Slick Breeze 14.359 5th in 1D NM
Filkins, DaniCooper 14.464 6th in 1D NM $133
Derr, AustynDJ 14.48 7th in 1D NM $80
Morgan, KimSure Rolling 14.565 8th in 1D NM $53
Morgan, KaylaChoctaw 14.622 9th in 1D NM
Mills, AvaMoney 14.705 10th in 1D NM
Weitman, ShelbyMax 14.759 NM
Morgan, KaylaAngel 14.769 NM
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.784 NM
Adams, BrittanyEasy 14.804 NM
Kennedy, ShannaCadillac 14.841 NM
Derr, AustynAJ 14.868 NM
Filkins, DaniMoose 15.068 1st in 2D NM $89
Fuqua, JessieSpiderman 15.151 2nd in 2D NM $53
Libel, JordanCat 15.169 3rd in 2D NM $36
McCullough, AliGunner 15.181 4th in 2D NM
Howell, LeslieRedneck Jackpot 15.205 5th in 2D NM
Mills, AvaJosey 15.271 6th in 2D NM
Pemberton, SaigeRed 15.283 7th in 2D NM
Derr, AddieFancy 15.461 8th in 2D NM $67
Trotter, EmmaMidnight 15.813 9th in 2D NM $40
Penny, ParkerMaggie 15.926 10th in 2D NM $27
Johnson, LilyRiser 16.019 NM
Morgan, KimBorn to be a Demon 16.595 NM
Adams, BrittanyTres 16.626 NM
Greiner, SarahDirty Deeds 16.943 NM
McGuire, AmberRebel's Glory Bea 17.175 NM
Tomlin, AliRajun NT NM
Mills, AvaTicTac NT NM
Filkins, DaniCoCo NT NM
Boyd, SonyaSugar G Booger NT NM
Tate, BaileyLeonard NT NM
Duncan, Calee BellPeppers Bully NT NM