Event Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

REMINDER: Points are tracked by member name as the member applied. If the name is misspelled or not entered as the member applied – the points will not track. Please email any results/points inquiries to results@ubra.org including your name, the event date and location.



Drexel MO
Rider Horse Time Standing UBRA Points Winnings
Penny, ParkerCat 14.029 1st in 1D NM $101.00
Mills, AvaMoney 14.497 2nd in 1D NM $67.00
Helms, MarissaSailor 14.502 3rd in 1D NM
Helms, MarissaItchy 14.629 4th in 1D NM
Pemberton, SaigeRed 14.825 5th in 1D NM
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.876 6th in 1D NM
Derr, AddyChigger 14.976 7th in 1D NM
Jacobson, KendahlReno 15.335 1st in 2D NM $88.00
Vickery, Jordan10Man 15.465 2nd in 2D NM $59.00
Rojas, SophiaPistol 15.757 3rd in 2D NM
Filkins, DaniMaggie 15.775 4th in 2D NM
Trotter, EmmaMidnight 15.779 5th in 2D NM
Espy, RubyDoc 15.865 6th in 2D NM
Tschirhart, RileyDaisy 15.93 7th in 2D NM
Vickery, CassieShere Khan 15.994 8th in 2D NM
Martin, KatelynPatches 16.335 9th in 2D NM $63.00
Penny, GradenMare 16.828 10th in 2D NM $42.00
Williamson, CallieCappy 19.933 NM
Rhodus, RaeleeViper NT NM
King, Summerhorse NT NM
Mills, AvaJosey NT NM
Beck, JessicaPeaches Six Speed 13.609 1st in 1D NM $295.00
Johnson, TaylorTater 13.785 2nd in 1D NM $221.00
Beck, JessicaOnewildcincodemayo 13.895 3rd in 1D NM $148.00
Filkins, DaniCooper 13.922 4th in 1D NM $74.00
McCullough, AliRebels Memories 13.936 5th in 1D NM
Lee, MelindaAngel 13.969 6th in 1D NM
McCullough, AliOne Slick Breeze 13.988 7th in 1D NM
Adams, JordanLucy 14.046 8th in 1D NM
Prindle, RandeeBlackie 14.059 9th in 1D NM
Oney, StacyJag 14.084 10th in 1D NM
Mills, AvaMoney 14.195 NM $253.00
Weitman, ShelbyBreeze 14.228 NM $190.00
Adams, BrittanyIronman 14.291 NM $126.00
Goodnight, AmyDbertfrenchroyal 14.313 NM $63.00
Tomlin, AliRajun 14.339 NM
Derr, AustynAJ 14.351 NM
McGee, MelanieBehold He Reigns 14.353 NM
Weitman, ShelbyMax 14.353 NM
Derr, AustynDJ 14.361 NM
Belt, CindyRichard 14.41 NM
Oney, StacyFlash 14.411 NM
Morgan, KaylaChoctaw 14.412 NM
Boyd, SonyaSugar G Booger 14.418 NM
Lee, MelindaDaisy 14.461 NM
Goodnight, AmySweetie B Quick 14.462 NM
Derr, AddyFancy 14.501 NM
Adams, BrittanyDandy 14.561 NM
Vickery, JordanHenry 14.579 NM
Filkins, DaniMoose 14.592 NM
Fuqua, JessieSpiderman 14.652 1st in 2D NM $169.00
Kennedy, ShannaCadillac 14.696 2nd in 2D NM $127.00
Libel, JordanCat 14.702 3rd in 2D NM $84.00
Tuckwiller, AlysonOpie 14.74 4th in 2D NM $42.00
Adams, JoseyPepples 14.772 5th in 2D NM
Johnson, NicoleDusty 14.875 6th in 2D NM
Kleier, LoriAn Awesome Lad 14.919 7th in 2D NM
Morgan, KimBorntobeademon 15.012 8th in 2D NM
Morgan, KaylaAngel 15.089 9th in 2D NM
Moon, BaylieHorse 2 15.12 10th in 2D NM $126.00
Trotter, EmmaMidnight 15.122 NM $95.00
Dummit, MicalaPilgram 15.266 NM $63.00
Evans, MeredithGospel Worthy 15.356 NM $32.00
Scott, StephanieSmokey 15.361 NM
McCullough, AliGunner 15.43 NM
Moon, Bayliehorse 1 15.459 NM
Mills, AvaJosey 15.478 NM
Penny, ParkerMaggie 15.51 NM
Dotson, ReneeWillow 15.665 NM
Johnson, LilyRiser 15.904 NM
Rojas, SophiaPistol 15.998 NM
Pemberton, SaigeRed 16.112 NM
Adams, BrittanyTres 16.184 NM
Ptacek, NovaBomber 16.241 NM
Prindle, RandeeCat 16.436 NM
Johnson, NicoleRonan 16.768 NM
Greiner, SarahDirty Deeds 18.169 NM
Scott, StephanieRebel's Glory Bea 18.48 NM
McKay, MattHawk 19.111 NM
Yeater, JessicaCinder NT NM
Espy, RubyDoc NT NM
Patla, JeniferCartel Cowboy NT NM
Morgan, KimSure Rolling NT NM
McGee, MelanieJRS Lenas Letta Pep NT NM
Helms, MarissaSailor NT NM
Moon, BaylieHorse 3 NT NM
Filkins, DaniCoCo NT NM
Belt, CindyLil Girl NT NM