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Current Standings Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

NOTICE: Points are tracked by member name. It is the member’s responsibility to enter their name as they applied for membership at UBRA events. Spelling must be exactly as UBRA application for points to track. Results and points are online 24×7 for members to audit and track.

State: SD   Year: 2017

1D Derby
Van Gerpen, HIlary 39
Worth, Ashley 20
Bruley, Lisa 19
2D Derby
Bruley, Lisa 20
1D Futurity
Bruley, Reis 40
Van Gerpen, HIlary 38
1D Open
Watson, Tammy 274
DeBerg, Kristine 115
Brewer, Lindsey 60
Michalski, Kim 58
Michalski, Molli Jo 55
King, Lori 52
Lamb, Sara Jo 38
Bruley, Reis 38
Sasser, Jennifer 37
Van Gerpen, Hilary 32
Bruley, Lisa 25
Maxwell, Melissa 24
Sampson, Lainee 19
Worth, Ashley 14
Hagen, Elaine 6
Loiseau, Cindy 6
Hins, Jill 1
2D Open
Hins, Jill 363
DeBerg, Kristine 94
King, Lori 63
Franzen, Morgan 55
Anderson, Ginny 55
Brewer, Lindsey 52
Watson, Tammy 44
Worth, Ashley 35
Hagen, Elaine 25
Buss, Shasta 22
Amdahl, Della 22
Sasser, Jennifer 20
Lamb, Sara Jo 20
Dykstra, Pam 9
Brewer, Charleigh 309
1D Senior
Hins, Jill 133
Michalski, Kim 79
Bruley, Lisa 39
Hagen, Elaine 18
2D Senior
Hins, Jill 214
Hagen, Elaine 36
Amdahl, Della 34
Dykstra, Pam 16
1D youth
Hoxeng, Taylor 120
Watson, Cheyene 74
2D Youth
Hoxeng, Taylor 159
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