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Current Standings Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

NOTICE: Points are tracked by member name. It is the member’s responsibility to enter their name as they applied for membership at UBRA events. Spelling must be exactly as UBRA application for points to track. Results and points are online 24×7 for members to audit and track.

Combined Region   2017

1D Derby
Agnew, Susan 79
Bogdonas, Michelle 38
Neisius, Kelly 18
2D Derby
Bogdonas, Michelle 159
Neisius, Kelly 19
2D Futurity
Jackson, Leigh Ann 33
1D Open
Hasselbalch, Annie 258
Bogdonas, Michelle 225
McGee, Melanie 209
Nielsen, Karin 158
Gerber, Kelly 134
Agnew, Susan 133
McKay, Matt 131
Spader, Jill 117
Neisius, Cale 106
Durbin, Shannon 95
Neisius, Kelly 81
szukelewicz, kate 74
Little, Nikki 24
Stewart, Emily 23
2D Open
Durbin, Shannon 241
Shireman, Amy 194
Flager, Robin 178
McGee, Melanie 163
Stewart, Emily 110
szukelewicz, kate 92
Heeren, Carrie 82
Nielsen, KArin 66
Bogdonas, Michelle 50
Neisius, Cale 46
McKay, Matt 38
Neisius, Kelly 37
ensminger, monica 29
Jackson, Leigh Ann 13
Pittenger, Natalie 9
Jackson, Jessica 8
Nielsen, Breck 78
1D Senior
2D Senior
szukelewicz, kate 60
1D Youth
Wright, Delaney 77
2D Youth
Wright, Delaney 40