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Current Standings Results

Generally results are posted within 24 hours of receiving if they are received in the preferred excel format. If they are not sent in the excel format, they will be retyped and posted asap.

NOTICE: Points are tracked by member name. It is the member’s responsibility to enter their name as they applied for membership at UBRA events. Spelling must be exactly as UBRA application for points to track. Results and points are online 24×7 for members to audit and track.

Producer: Jennifer Stephes   Year: 2017

1D Derby
Green, Kassie 20
2D Derby
Petersen, Rachael 20
1D Futurity
Stephes, Olivia 40
Seeger, Charity 37
Munn, Sharon 19
1D Open
Stephes, Olivia 77
Seeger, Charity 52
Petersen, Rachael 40
Olson, April 37
Munn, Sharon 36
Jewison, Sara 20
2D Open
Brown, Samantha 57
Kodet, Rondi 37
Hennen, Rachel 34
Zehrer, Amy 34
Petersen, Rachael 32
Blegen, Tammy 30
Garber, Elizabeth 28
Meger, Morgan 26
Green, Kassie 20
Sauber, Tara 20
Zimmer, Hannah 19
Seeger, Charity 19
Olson, April 18
Meger, September 17
Hilgendorf, Taylor 14
Warnke, Amanda 13
Roberts, Callie 10
Hennen, Gabe 39
Seeger, Ava 38
Brown, Lane 37
1D Senior
Zehrer, Amy 20
Meger, September 20
2D Senior
Broscoff, Keith 20
1D Youth
Stephes, Olivia 39
Guy, Izzy 20
Abel, Hanna 18
Kodet, Kalli 17
2D Youth
Anderson, Kaydi 20
Hennen, Sloane 19
Kodet, Sophie 18
Results from:
Start Date City State Event Title
2017-10-28 Henderson MN High Island Arena Halloween Barrel Race
2017-11-18 Henderson MN High Island Arena Winter Barrel Racing Series
2017-12-09 Henderson MN High Island Arena Winter Barrel Racing Series