Current Standings NOTICE

****To View the standings by Rider, click the “Rider National Standings“. From there you can click on your state or combined region

To view your member results, click on your name from the online membership list from the “Membership” drop down tab….then “Member results”. From there, you can see the points that are tabulating for you. If results have not been submitted or listed online – points will not be tabulated. You can check to see if results are included by viewing all results from the results tab, all results not received from that tab.


Any past due results will not be accepted after November 15th as well as any audits on results that already online.

Producers, it is your responsibility to submit results within 7 days of the event (“The producers simply submit the complete class results within 7 days of the event to as an excel file via email. Please include any new memberships accepted at your event with the email including the results. Results should include columns for first name, last name, horse, time and class. If you would like the UBRA to email you the preferred excel file that also includes formulas for payout and draw sorting – simply request by emailing”)

Members, it is your responsibility to double check results. Most producers post draw ahead of time where you can correct any spelling errors on site with the producer. If UBRA membership #’s are not supplied, we must look them up for you…and that is done by searching by name. If there are spelling errors, your name won’t be caught for member # to be attached and points awarded.


  1. UBRA member name as you registered and #
  2. Date & location of event
  3. Class name/time of run in question