Jan 30

2018 Wisconsin Horse of the Year Nominee: The Talkins Over

The Talkins Over – Ashley Clarke

The Talkins Over has lived up to his name, because when he goes to run he leaves it all in the arena.  He is a son of the infamous Frenchmans Guy and boy does it show.  He is a spitting image of his father in looks and talent.  “Gizmo” and I didn’t start out as all peaches and cream though.  I had to learn him and his style before our success began, but when it began we were on fire.  He has made so many additional dreams come through.  He has an incredible style, but really makes me work for every run.  He is wicked quick!  I have ran him for just about 1 year, and he has racked some amazing accomplishments up already!  His 2018 earnings alone are over $8,500, and include 2 slot race placings!! He was the Double H UBRA Tour and 11th Annual Cowgirl Tuff overall 1D average Champion.  He is an arena record holder and rodeo money winner as well!  We are so excited to see how we continue to improve as our time together unfolds.  He has made the journey fun, and allowed me to meet so many new and amazing people!  THANK you to all who love and admire him as much as I do!  Your nomination of him makes me smile!

Ashley Clarke, DVM
MU – College of Veterinary Medicine