Jan 31

2018 South Dakota Horse of the Year Nominee: Woody aka Sawyers Joe Glo

Woody ~ a.k.a. Sawyers Joe Glo

Woody is unique, has a quirky personality, and is one-of-a kind!!  He is a 17 yr. old gelding that we purchased when he was 3 years old.  My husband rode him, and trained him to be his calf roping and breakaway horse.  He was phenomenal at both!  When my husband got injured in 2008, I decided maybe I should give him a try.  Up until then, I never rode him, because I did not trust him.  From that moment on, we developed a bond like no other! I am not a horse trainer, but decided I would play around with him on barrels.  He loved it!!  So, for his barrel training….all he has had is what I could do.


In 2016, we gave Charleigh Brewer, who was only 6 years old at the time, the opportunity to ride Woody.  She has taken full advantage of his talents to take her to a lot of fun places!!  Woody and Charleigh went to many UBRA Tour Stops, but also numerous Little Britches Rodeos.


Woody has a lot of heart and is as honest and loyal as they come!!  It takes a special kind of horse to run in the Open with myself and the Pee Wees with Charleigh!!  The sparkle in his eye illuminates his LOVE for barrel racing and his bond with Charleigh!