2017 Champions

*Tentative schedule – subject to updates/changes/additions
April 20-22 GFB: Topeka, KS  +UBRA TOUR +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT
April 20-22 SC Productions: Hinckley, MN +UBRA TOUR
May 11-13 The Fresh Start Futurity: Huron, SD +UBRA TOUR 1pm Saturday
May 11-13 Go For Broke: Waterloo, IA
May 20th Bottineau Arena : Bottinuea, ND
May 19 & 20 Kasey Turner Memorial Barrel Race: Mt. Vernon, MO
May 26 & 27 Double H Arena: Mondovi, WI +UBRA TOUR

If you are unable to attend your state awards banquet, you will need to include who is responsible for accepting your award with your order. Awards will not be allowed to be taken without written notification from winner. Or you can pay $30 for drop shipping.


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR 2017 WINNERS! If you had won UBRA SS$ at the World and hadn’t redeemed, those amounts are included in the values below.

With the an insane amount of products and crazy wide variety of options – there is bound to be questions. Feel free to contact your state director. For specific questions on products, please contact the sponsor/manufacturer. Please remember that there are hundreds of you placing orders. We will do our best to help you in a timely fashion and help you get exactly what you are looking for.

All of the state winners are  posted on the UBRA website from the “Champions” tab.

There is additional awards for National Top 10, Horse of the Year and Rookie of the Year.

***Awards inventory and options subject to change. There are literally THOUSANDS of options with the prizes available…if any errors have been made, they may be corrected. You can add to your cart and keep editing it until you are happy – so don’t feel rushed to place your order 🙂

2017 UBRA AWARDS PRESENTATION EVENTS:*Tentative schedule – subject to updates/changes/additions
April 20-22 GFB: Topeka, KS  +UBRA TOUR +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT
April 20-22 SC Productions: Hinckley, MN +UBRA TOUR
May 11-13 The Fresh Start Futurity: Huron, SD +UBRA TOUR
May 11-13 Go For Broke: Waterloo, IA
May 20th Bottineau Arena : Bottinuea, ND
May 19 & 20 Kasey Turner Memorial Barrel Race: Mt. Vernon, MO
May 26 & 27 Double H Arena: Mondovi, WI +UBRA TOUR

State Champions in the Open 1D & Open 2D for MN, WI, IA, ND, SD , MO & the Combined Region as well MN Youth 1D & 2D have the option to receive a $1,540 saddle gift certificate to be used on the purchase of a saddle OR if they chose not to buy a saddle with the gift certificate earnings, they have the option to be awarded a $750 gift certificate to use on anything else in the UBRA Store. ****New saddle winner option***If you would like a saddle that is NOT offered in the UBRA Store – the UBRA will cover up to $750 towards the saddle of your choice. If you earned additional SS$ from other titles, you can combine those too. The saddle does have to include the UBRA logo and the winners title stamped on it. The vendor who you chose the saddle from must become a UBRA sponsor for 2017 with a min. sponsorship value of $250.

Gift certificate winners pick out their prizes in the UBRA Store. If the winners would like to spend more than the gift certificate value they won, they are welcome to do so and just pay the difference. If you have a personal sponsor you would like on your award, please contact Jessica@UBRA.org FMI.

National Awards will be presented State Tour events as well as Horse and Rookie of the Year Awards. They are not values, they are determined prizes.

All awards will include UBRA text and/or logo the winners title where applicable.


Be sure include any preferences in the notes section when you place your order.
(Preferred colors. For example: UBRA back logo includes a horse – you may choose the color of that horse but MUST include preference with your order)

Some items are limited inventory and will be sold on a 1st order, 1st serve basis. Those items are noted in the store.

All orders must be placed online through the UBRA Store. There are separate log in/users for memberships and store purchases. If you don’t have a UBRA Store account, you will need to create one and the email used must be different than the one with your membership account. We are working to merge these accounts, but for right now – you will need 2 accounts.
ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OVER PHONE, facebook message, email or any other way.

Choose “check payment” option at check out and you will be contacted to confirm order and take care of any balance. YOU CAN NOT COMBINE YOUR EARNINGS WITH OTHER MEMBERS.  Members attending awards presentations are not charged shipping. Direct shipping is $30 per order for anyone not attending a presentation or wanting direct shipping.  Earnings may NOT be used to pay for shipping. Anyone paying for direct shipping should not expect to receive their awards prior to their awards presentation date.


If your order is not placed by January 20th, your gift certificates/prizes will be void.

If you are unable to attend your state awards banquet, you will need to include who is responsible for accepting your award with your order. Awards will not be allowed to be taken without written notification from winner.

UBRA SS$  may be used towards 2018 memberships.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have helped make the 2017 UBRA Season a success!

START browsing the awards choices online here!


Balance payment options for anyone choosing to spend more than they have been awarded and/or are paying to ship: Check/Money Order/Credit Card/PayPal

Mail payments by check/money order to:
960 Bunyan Ave.
Balsam Lake, WI 54810

Send Payment by PayPal to: info@ubra.org

OR by credit card using this link: http://ubra.org/payments/

All orders received and processed. If you have a balance due, please use 1 of the methods above to pay the balance ASAP, no later than by 1/27/18 so your prizes can be completed and ready to award.

$55 Abentroth, Hadley Alamo 1 Ear HS 0
$30 Abentroth, Willow Nec. Tote 0
$150 Adair, Paulette ShooFly x 2, AB x 2 0
$75 Agnew, Susan 3 Yr Open 0
$550 AHLGREN, SUE 5 Star Pad, BOT Mesh, ShooFly 51
$100 Alders, Jenny  Open & Youth 0
$75 Allen, Emma DC Buckle 0
$100 Amdahl, Della Open & Sr Memb 0
$275 Anderson, Kalie Shoofly, BOT QW, Open & Derby Memb, Large Gear Bag 0
$525 Arntson, Carrie CE Tote, Derby, Youth & Open Memb, Icon front x2, Pony Warmer, BOT QW 14″ 0
$250 Barnett, Gini 1200D & BOT QW 7.00
$275 Bartelt, Danielle BOT QW x 3 0
$750 BASSUENER, COURTNEY 5 Star pads, BOT Mesh & Neck, Usher 1 Ear HS 0
$50 Bauer, Barb BOT V Neck 0
$250 BAYER, CARLEE Usher Buckle & PW Memb 110.00
$300 BAYER, ERIN Memb: Open x 2, PW, BOT Mesh 78″ 0
$650 Beauvais, Hailey Usher Saddle 0
$3,380 Beauvais, Jessica Usher Saddle 0
$60 Beauvais, Trinity  TMCL Tack Set 0
$750 Beck, Jennifer ShooFly, BE OG, Benefab SmartScrim, BOT QW, Open Memb, Tuff Enuf Skull 0
$1,615 Beck, Jessica Usher Brand Maverick Elite Saddle 00
$125 Beech, Lindsey Benefab Hock & Smart Hock 0
$125 Blaser, Alyssa  Icon Front & bells, BOT Poll 0
$75 Bogdonas, Michelle HIDEZ Icoe Socks Med/Turq 0
25 Bogie Webb: Webb Ranches
$75 Brewer, Charleigh Usher Buckle 0
50 Brookshire, Michelle  Open Memb  0
$100 Broscoff, Keith  Front Icons black large, Usher 1 Ear HS 0
$75 Brown, Lane Usher Buckle, UBRA vest 0
$150 BROWN, SAMANTHA Usher Buckle, Mat Memb 0
$300 Bruley, Lisa  TMCL Spurs Straps & One Ear HS 80
$685 Bruley, Reis Equi-Resp Flexineb – Portable Equine Nebulizer System PD to ship
$400 Bucher, Diane  BOT Exercise Boots front large, 12″ QW, 78′ Mesh 0
$175 BUESSER, BERGAN Icon Front, No turn bell, CW Tote, $20 AB 0
$350 Buss, Shasta Usher Buckley & BOT Mesh Sheet
$215 buys, jazilyn BOT QW 14″ x 2& BB Over & Under 0
$60 Cagle, Gavin Icon Front White Med 0
$125 Cagle, Kelly Benefab Hock, UBRA fleece x 2, Derby memb 0
$250 Carr, Anna Usher Buckle & HIDEZ Ice Socks 0
$500 CECCHINI, DANIELLE ROB bronc, DC buckle, DriDuck jkt, BE Pad Ship
$950 Chesmore, Kim Icon set/2 bells, CE Front & hind, BOT Knee, 5 Star Pad, ShooFly, EquiPulmin, $20 AB 0
$350 Coker, Kristi BOT 12 & 14 QW x 2 KS
$600 Conely, Ashley Usher spurs & Buckle, 5 Star pad 0
$200 Cross, Makayla  3 Yr Youth Memb & Benefab Smart Hocks
$125 Cutting, Sydney HIDEZ Mask 26
$200 DeBerg, Kristine ROB Cinch, UBRA Stripped Hoodie, $20 AB, 0
$75 DeMarais, Augusta  UBRA Youth & Derby
$100 Diedrich, Derek 4 Icon Bells
$150 Durbin, Shannon HSL Headstall 0.00
$450 Dykstra, Pam 5 Star Pad, ShooFly, 1200D blanket, UBRA Vest, ShooFly 0
25 Eck, Tate
$300 Elshere, Pam BOT QW x 2, ShooFly x 2 4.00
$450 Everson, Lisa DC Buckle, Usher Bracelet, Ladies Dri Duck, DC Pendant 0
$400 fey, tanya Usher spurs & buckle, BB Over & Under 0
$235 Filkins, Danyel BE Pad 0
$200 Flager, Robin  BOT Front Med Ex Boots & Bells, Open memb 0
$225 Gilman, Chelsea HIDEZ Ice Socks Med Hind Turq 0.00
$175 Glab, MacKenzie No Turn Bells, CE Front, $20 AB, DC key chain 3.02
$400 Green, Kelly  Usher back cinch buckles x 2 90
$100 Gunderson, Heidi  Open, Futurity & Derby 0
25 Gwen Miller: IA NBHA 02
$350 Hagen, Elaine 5 Star pad, ShooFly x 2, Open Memb 0
$100 Hanson, Sophia 100
$150 Hasselbalch, Annie CE Tote, No Turn Bells x 2 2.04
$200 HEIKKINEN, HANNAH BOT Mesh 75″ + Emb 0
$300 Hilgendorf, Taylor ROB BC, DC Buckle -90.00
$1,790 Hins, Jill Alamo Saddle, EquiMedic Kit, Usher Buckle 0.00
$200 Howell, Leslie 600D Waterproof Blanket & Ladies Dri Duck 0.00
50 Howell, Leslie  Vest & Hoodie  0
$185 Hoxeng, Taylor BE Pad 0.00
$750 HULTMAN, AMBER  Certs, HSL Purse, Open, Monat, Usher Stirrups 27
$100 Huus, Katie Usher HS, UBRA Sherpa, 2 T’s 1.00
$100 JOHANSON, ELLIE  2 ShooFly 0
$350 Johnson, Lynde  Open Memb, Pony Warmer, CE hay Bag, No Turn bells x2, CE Front boots 0
50 Johnson, Lynde Go For Broke
$195 Jorgensen, Katilynn  5 Star Pad
$150 KLAR, MACY DC Buckle 5.00
$425 Kuhn, Kathy  HIDEZ Ice socks, Indigo front & back 0
$850 Larson, Kristen  Open, & Derby, Icon Front & Hond, UBRA Sherpa, HSL Cell, ROB BC, UBRA Yoga x 2, BOT QW, Vneck Ankle Brace $1
$425 LARSON, MEGAN  ShooFly, BOT Neck & Hock, Icon Front, Horse Holster, Open/Youth/Derby 0
$50 Lawson, Morgan Open & Derby Membership 0
$100 LEE, JACIE  PeeWee memb, No turn bells, AB $20 GC -23.01
$60 lee, Jaiden  Youth memb, No turn bells 0
$2,465 Long, Lolita  DC saddle, 4 ShooFly, Holster, HSL Purse, 2 BB O&U 0
$125 Louis, Josephine -125.00
$600 Maack, Ashley BOT Mesh & Neck, TMCL Rope Halter, Usher Buckle, World Jkt 0.00
$50 Mach, Becky -50.00
$600 Manor, Bob DIO, Open & Sr Memb, ShooFly x 4, Equi Resp Kit, 2 beanies, EquiPulmin 20.01
$150 Manwarren, Ashley Open Memb, 2 CE Totes 6.02
$175 Martin, Jen  BOT QW & ShooFly  0
$80 Martin, Kara  BOT QW 0
$300 MARTYN, TAMMY DC Buckle, BOT QW & Hocks 0
25 McBride, Kris NBHA MN05
$375 McBride, Shannon Usher spurs, BOT QW & Royal Hock 0
$1,500 McGee, Melanie HIDEZ Recovery Suit x 2 & Neck, BB Over & Under, TMCL Wither, UBRA hoodie 0
$100 McKay, Matt Alamo HS, UBRA T, CE Tote 0
$350 Michalski, Kim  Usher Buckle, Pony Warmer, BOT Neck 0
$75 Miller, Ashlynn  BOT Hicks & UBRA Tumbler 0
$75 Mitzel, Terra  Open & Derby Membership 20
$100 Moe, Diane UBRA Membs: Open & Sr 5.00
$200 Moe, Madi Equi-Resp Skin Care Kit & BOT QW x 2 0
$675 Morris, Carina BOT shirts, neck brace, knee brace, hock, no bows. Monat EW & , EB bells, Benefab wraps PD 2 SHIP
$150 MUNN, SHARON Icon med white front & back pd
25 Murphy, Hadley: Pepin Trail Blazers
$1,800 Neese, Alexis  $650 Truth Saddle credit, BOT hocks/headband/neck, HIDEZ socks & neck, EquiPulmin x 2, 5 Star pad 1
$350 Nelson, Michelle CE Front & Hind, BOT Hock, DIO, Memb 0
$285 Ness, Allison  5 Star Saddle Pad 19.95
$75 Nielsen, Breck  Usher Buckle
$500 Nielsen, Karin  1200D blanket, 2 x CE Boots, TMCL HS 0
$75 Nissen, Kamryn Youth Jkt, PW memb 0
$750 Nissen, Kylie  2) 5 Star Pads, Icon Front & Hind, $70 memb, BOT Mesh, UBRA World jkt 0
$350 Oney, Stacy  HSL BC, Open Memb, No Turn Bells
$300 ORYSEN, BOBBIE JO Zen Hoodie, HSL Purse & Cell Holder 0
$55 Orysen, Luke Pony Warmer 0
200 Outbuck Riders
$1,540 Parks, Danielle Conchos-D6 Item #1222 Seat color – black Gullet- 7” UbRA horse logo- royal blue 0
$200 Patla, Jennifer ShooFly, UBRA World Jkt, CE Tote 3.01
$50 PAUMEN, HAYDEN  Usher Buckle 16.3
$50 Peterka, Jette Open & Derby Membership 0
50 Peterson, Annette
$175 Peterson, Emily ROB Cinch & AL GC 0
$60 Pyle, Kendall  No turns & CE Front 0
$150 Rae, Krista  Open & Derby, BOT Royal Hock 0
$1,175 Rognlien, Ashley EquiResp, ShooFly, Benefab Hocks 0
$100 Rorvick, Krystin 5 Star pad 0
$125 SCHELONKA, KRISTINA Yoga pants, Open & Derby memb, $30 AB gifts 0
$450 Scherkenbach, Maya 2 Usher Buckles, Dri Duck Jkt, Open & Youth 0
$250 SCHEURER, MINDY Usher Buckle, HSL Spur Straps, AB $10 0
$700 Schmitke, Margaret  EquiResp
$400 Schonhoff, Sidney UBRA Tumbler, Beanie, Sherpa, HSL Cell, World Jkt, Fleece, CE Frotn & Hind 0
$250 Schultz, Emily Jo Open & Fut Memb, Usher Buckle 10
$900 Schultz, Stacy ShooFly x2, Benefab Smart Hock, BOT Bells, ROB BC, Large Gear Bag, EquiResp Neb Kit, HIDEZ Ice Socks, Glitter Hoodie, Folded Knit, Monat Intense Repair 0
$375 Schwab, Abigail UBRA Sherpa, CE No Turn, BOT QW, ShooFly x4 0.01
$70 Schwab, Emily CE No turn bells, Youth memb 3.01
$75 SEEGER, AVA TMCL Rope Halter 0
$540 SEIFERMANN, BREANA  2 x 1200D blankets, 3 x CE boots 0
$125 Sigaty, Kristina  HSL Halter 0
$500 Steen, Cayley 5 Star Pad, HSL HS, ShooFly 0
$450 STEGURA, MEGAN  Benefab SmartScmrim 72″, BB O&U, Mat Memb 0
50 Stephes, Jennifer Memberships 0
$250 Swegarden, Jayda BOT 78″ Mesh, add name(s) 0
$600 Sylvester, Mari BOT Mesh & QW, DC Buckle 5.00
$3,090 Syvertson, Isabella 3 Yr membership Open, Youth, BOT Mesh, QW x 2, 5 Star pad x 2, Usher Mav Elite Saddle, Icon white large front & hind, med bells, ShooFly orange/med, 600D Waterproof 75″ Royal 0
$450 Szukelewicz, Kate  Icon Front & Hind, ShooFly, BE Pad 0
$90 Theis, Gretchen  UBRA Hoodie & Equi-Resp Neb Kit
$150 Thoring, Julie Open Memb & Pony Warmer 0
$30 TLUSTY, EMMA  CE Tote 0
$150 TLUSTY, STACY Benefab Mesh Sheet 78″ 0
$150 Tobey, Austyn  Open & Youth, BOT QW 12″ 0
$300 Tuckwiller, Alyson  5 Star Pad, Open,Youth & Derby Memb 0
$750 Van Gerpen, Hilary 5 Star Pad, CE front & hind x3, bells x 2 0
50 Varpness, Casey SC Productions  Open memb  0
$150 Varpness, Shawn  Icon Front Black Med & Open Memb 0
$75 Vickery, Cassie  Gear bag, drawstring, hoodie 0
$250 Wald, Gina Icon front, hind & bells, CE Hay Bag 18.01
$325 WALLACE, MARISSA BOT Med Hock, 78″ Mesh, Open Memb 0
$175 WANISH, JUSTINE ShooFly, UBRA Striped Hoodie, CE Toe, BOT Hock 0
$375 WARCUP, KIRSTEN HSL Custom Halter, UBRA Youth & Open, DIO, Horse Holster 0
$750 Watson, Tammy 5 Star Pad, BOT Hock, QW x4 & No Bow 0
$125 Weight, Kierra BOT QW 14″, UBRA stripped hoodie, Horse holster 0
$125 Weight, Sheri HIDEZ Mask
$75 Weldon, Paisley  BR ball cap, Alamo HS w/ conchos 0
$400 Williams, Tonya Open/Fut/Mat/Derby, Benefab hood, ShooFly x 2 0
$100 WILSON, BETH Open Memb, ShooFly Med/Orange 0
$50 Wilund, Jeanine Large Duffle & UBRA Stripped Hoodie 0
$350 Wimmer, Jessica 5 Star Pad, Usher Buckle 0
$125 woods, jaylie  DC Buckle 0
$150 Worth, Ashley Open/Fut/Mat. AB $20 0
$75 Wright, Delaney CE Boots 0
$275 Yancey, Elizabeth CE Tote, Sherpa, Usher Buckle, UBRA Vest & Tumbler 8.01
$400 Zehrer, Amy CE 1 Front & 2 Hind, Alamo HS 0