2016 UBRA Horses of the Year

Congratulations 2016 UBRA Horses of the Year!


Firewaterinthesky (Molly Otto) “Firewaterinthesky was nominated for ND UBRA Horse of the Year! Thank you so much to everyone that nominated her and to everyone that votes for her! Sky has been a huge blessing to me and my family. She took care of me when I was pregnant, she takes care of my boys when they ride her around, and she made some fabulous runs for my non barrel racer husband! She had a late start to no fault of her own and she handled everything that i threw at her with ease! She is so fun and such a wonderful horse to have around! Thank you all again, this means the world to me and my family! Congratulations to all of the other horses that were also nominated, each and everyone of you deserve to win! ”

South Dakota:
Sassy (Tammy Watson) “Sassy and I are partners in this barrel racing world! We have gone through thick and thin together and continue to strive on towards our goals!  I trained Sassy and we are achieving our dreams little by little.   Our ultimate goal is to compete in the NFR!  Sassy loves to run and puts her heart (and attitude) in every run!  I appreciate all the friends and family who support us along the way!  It’s been a different year this year as we tried the SDRA circuit and competed in as many of the ubra events as possible.  Thank you to all who help us along the way!”


Nice and Naughty (Gavin Cagle)Thank you so much for thinking of Gavin and nominating his sweet mare Nice and Naughty, aka Naughty. Although we are extremely honored and thankful for the nomination, this is also a bittersweet moment for our family as we lost this great little mare to colic at the end of June this summer.

Gavin wanted and loved on this mare for a couple of years even before we had the honor of owning her for just a brief time (about 9 months- she was only 8). They had a special, one of a kind bond and they loved each other more than words can express. She had such a huge kind heart toward and for everyone but it was obvious in watching the two of them together, her heart belonged to Gavin. Even though painful and tragic, he feels lucky he was with her when she passed and his face was the last she saw, his voice telling her he loved her was the last she heard, and his kiss the last touch she felt while on this earth.

Even in the short amount of time together this season, Naughty carried Gavin to several Youth and Open 1D wins and placings with highlights at Topeka KS, Delavan IL, and the BRF in Lincoln. With the exception of July and August she almost single handedly carried Gavin to the Iowa Youth UBRA 1D Championship title. Beyond wins and placings she taught him so much about the sport itself, life, hard work, patience, kindness, determination, never giving up, and a lot about himself. It is not the success in the arena I am most proud and grateful for, but those life lessons and what she gave my son. Naughty renewed his love of the sport of barrel racing; a love for a sport I was afraid was slipping away from my teenage son. A love for barrel racing that unfortunately so many boys his age lose.

He tells stories about her, usually with a smile, almost every day but still misses her terribly. He wants you all to know she was and will always be his true “HeartHorse” and soulmate. Even though he loves his new horse Rumble, and I’m sure will love many more horses in the future, she will never be replaced in his heart. To him she is more than a UBRA Horse of the Year, she is his HeartHorse and Horse of a Lifetime. RIP Naughty, you will never be forgotten.”

Combined Region:
Rock Bottom Firebug (Rider Emily Stewart, owned by Johna Ryan) “Congratulations Emily Stewart and Rock Bottom Fire Bug, you have been nominated for Horse of the year, combined region!!!!!! Emily is the only UBRA member from Scotland, United Kingdom. She flies in every summer and we rush to get our shows in to qualify for the UBRA World as it’s the highlight of our summer!!!! The dedication she shows is truly remarkable and it’s paid off!!! Fire Bug….. the horse that wouldn’t give up! After countless vets told us to put him down, Santiago Gutierrez-Nibeyro believed he could help us and he did! He performed ty-forward surgery. A suture failed we had to undo it and do it again and perform laser surgery to his epiglottis. A year and months off he later hit the barrel arena full force.
I could not be more proud of the Emily and Fire Bug Team! Please take the time to vote for Emily and Bugster ……. THANK YOU!!!!


Jaxon (Owned by Jodi lee. Ridden by Kailee Lenz and Jaiden Lee) Jaxon (Rondee J Star) is an 11 year old gelding and a whooping 14 hands! But don’t let his size fool you he can still run with the big dogs! Jaxon has the biggest personality of any horse I’ve ever met! He loves his treats and scratches, and if you’re lucky enough to find his favorite spot he will about fall over! Jaxon has a unique job in the barrel racing world. When he enters the arena in the morning he will take his peewee rider, Jaiden Lee, and go what ever speed she asks. Then minutes later will come back with Kailee Lenz and run his heart out in the open!   Jaiden started riding Jaxon about 4 years ago when the Lee Family bought him from Mike Bray as he was “to slow” for a trail horse. Jaiden has earned UBRA world PeeWee top 5 for the last 3 years, PEWC top 5 for the last 2 years all aboard Jaxon! Kailee has been jockeying Jaxon for a little over two years, during this time he has brought her to multiple 1D wins, as well as earning money in rodeos, slot races and series awards. What an honor to have our little dun horse be nominated for UBRA horse of the year!”

Dial a Little Fame (Tammy Whyte/Kricket Gintner) UBRA World Open & Senior 1D Champion “Dial a Little Fame  aka Jax

Jax is an 11 yr old gelding that has been at times challenging but when it comes to his heart for barrel racing he is so dedicated.   He has been such a great horse for us and we appreciate him and his talent greatly.”