2015 Year End Winners



PLUS National Top 10, Horse of the Year and Rookie of the Year awards

PLUS $16,860 in prizes awarded at the UBRA World 2015




State Champions in the Open 1D & Open 2D for MN, WI, IA, ND, SD & the Combined Region have the option to receive a $1,540 saddle gift certificate to be used on the purchase of a saddle OR if they chose not to buy a saddle with the gift certificate earnings, they have the option to be awarded a $750 gift certificate to use on anything else in the UBRA Store.

Minnesota Youth 1D & Youth 2D Champions will also have the above option as they have over 100 members.

Gift certificate winners pick out their prizes in the UBRA Store. If the winners would like to spend more than the gift certificate value they won, they are welcome to do so and just pay the difference. If you have a personal sponsor you would like on your award, please contact Jessica@UBRA.org FMI.

National Awards will be presented State Tour events as well as Horse and Rookie of the Year Awards. They are not values, they are determined prizes.

All awards will include UBRA text and/or logo the winners title where applicable.
Additional personalizing may be available for an additional fee.

Be sure include any preferences in the notes section when you place your order.
(Preferred colors. For example: UBRA back logo includes a horse – you may choose the color of that horse but MUST include preference with your order)

Some items are limited inventory and will be sold on a 1st order, 1st serve basis. Those items are noted in the store.

All orders must be placed online through the UBRA Store. There are separate log in/users for memberships and store purchases. If you don’t have a UBRA Store account, you will need to create one and the email used must be different than the one with your membership account. We are working to merge these accounts, but for right now – you will need 2 accounts.
ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OVER PHONE, facebook message, email or any other way.

Choose “cash on delivery” at check out and you will be contacted to confirm order and take care of any balance. For members who would like to pay for direct shipping, you can see the shipping charge there. Members attending awards presentations are not charged shipping.


If your order is not placed by January 31st, your gift certificates/prizes will be void.

If you are unable to attend your state awards banquet, you will need to include who is responsible for accepting
your award with your order. Awards will not be allowed to be taken without written notification from winner.

Awards may be shipped at winners expense and will not be shipped until payment for shipping has been received (do not expect to receive prior to your state awards presentation. Shipping fees can be seen in your order during checkout). Earnings may NOT be used to pay for shipping.

Gift certificates may be used towards 2016 memberships. In order to do that, you must print out and mail your membership so that it is received by January 31st. (Form: PDF or Word) To do so in the UBRA Store, buy gift certificates with the value you need to cover your membership and select ‘cash on delivery’.

THANK YOU TO ALL who have helped make the 2015 UBRA Season a success!



Balance payment options for anyone choosing to spend more than they have been awarded and/or are paying to ship: Check/Money Order/Credit Card/PayPal

Mail payments by check/money order to:
960 Bunyan Ave.
Balsam Lake, WI 54810

Send Payment by PayPal to: info@ubra.org

OR by credit card using this link: http://www.ubra.org/Store/UBRAPayNow.htm


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BloomingHealth Bernicks

Value Name State Division Title Place Award Used Balance
150 Anderson, Karlee ND Youth 2D 2nd $35 Memb, Fleece Sport, 8250 Soft Shell 150 0
75 Anderson, Ronda WI Derby 2D 2nd BOT Bells, Vintage Western 102 pd
100 Baker, Jordan CR Open 1D 5th BOT Hock & QW, Icon Hind 257 -157
75 Baratka, Alexis WI Youth 1D Top 4 4th Three Piece Bronc Halter 75 0
75 Barnes, Blaine ND PeeWee 1st Memb, Hoodie & Backpack 75 0
250 Barnes, Jenny ND Open 1D 3rd ROB HS, memb 250 0
100 Bauman, Sam WI Youth 1D Top 4 3rd THSC T3 Piece Bronc, Work Out Duffle 100 0
325 Beauvais, Hailey WI Youth 2D & PW 1st ROB Tack Set 520 pd
1150 Beauvais, Jessica WI Open 1D 3rd, 2D 2nd, Fut 1D 1st, 2D 2nd, Derby 1st BE Pad, Puffer Vest, ROB Tack Set, 2 halters, TMCL belt 1150 0
1540 Beck, Jennifer IA Open 2D 1st Top Hand Custom Saddle 2600 -1060
350 Beech, Lindsey WI Youth 1D 1st, 2D 3rd BOT Neck, 9471 jacket, 3N1 jacket 395 10
400 Benson, Stefany MN Open 1D Top 10 4th BOT Mesh, 2) Quick Wraps 463 -63
750 Berget, Sara WI Open 2D Top 10 1st Dri Duck Red, MS Buckle, Track Jacket, Rockin A HS, BC & Wither 768 pd
1840 Berry, Jason MN Open 2D 5th, Youth 2D 1st THSC 2RD Saddle 2940 pd
100 Beven, Stacy IA Derby 2D 1st BOT Neck, Truck hat & Zen Hoodie 159 pd
100 Bjork, Tasha WI Open 2D Top 10 8th BOT 78″ mesh 269 pd
150 Blasser, Alyssa IA Youth 1D  1st Alamo Buckle 175 pd
75 Brewer, Charleigh SD PeeWee 1st Alamo Buckle 175 pd
160 Buller, Lydia MN Youth 1D & 2D 9th Glitter hoodie & youth soft shell 163 -3
500 Cagle, Gavin IA Youth 2D 1st, Open 2D 2nd BOT Fleece & Western, Icon front & hind 515 pd
200 Cagle, Kelly IA Open 2D 3rd Icon Bells, BOT front & hind 223 pd
100 Caraway, Lisa IA Open 1D 5th BOT QW 93 7
275 Chesmore, Jessica IA Open 1D 3rd, Fut 1D 1st Zen Hoodie, Duffle, BOT Hock, Icon Bells, Membs 274 1
450 Chesmore, Kim IA Open 1D 2nd, Derby 1D 1st Gear Bag, Headband, BOT QW x2, Hocks, Membs 440 10
150 Chmela, Kennedy WI Youth 2D Top 4 2nd 8250 Softshell, THSC Bronc 191 pd
225 Clark, Rylei CR Open 2D 3/4, Youth 2D 2nd BOT Pad, QW & Hock 255 -30
450 Deberg, Kristine SD Open 1D 2nd, 2D 5th PW, BOT Neck, 600D Turnout, Open Memb, 3 BOT Polls 447 3
750 Diedrich, Derek IA Open 1D 1st 2) QW, Mesh, 3 Icon bells, 2 icon front, 1 large gear 741 9
350 Duncan, Shelly CR Open 2D 2nd BOT hock & mesh 401 pd
200 Dvorak, Tia MN Derby 1D & 2D 3rd Memb, ROB Spur Straps 190 10
25 Eisenzimmer, Gabi ND PeeWee 2nd Memb 25 0
500 Erickson, Barbara MN Open 1D Top 10 3rd Icon front & back, BOT Mesh, Alamo Buckle 609 -109
200 Erickson, Bo MN PeeWee 1st TMCL rope halter 79 121
50 Erickson, Luke MN PeeWee 5th TMCL rope halter 79 -29
30 Foreman, Kyler SD PeeWee 3rd THSC Lasored Wither 30 0
150 Foss, Krystal MN Derby 2D 2nd BOT Mesh 269 pd
44103 Gift Certs 44103
200 Gintner, Kricket WI Open 1D Top 10 4th 2 Icon front, 2 bells 210 pd
125 Groski, Jana MN Open 2D Top 10  9th Rockin A Mule Tape Halter & Large Duffle 130 pd
350 Hagen, Elaine SD Open 2D Top 5 2nd BOT Mesh & Ladies Dri Duck Jacket 374 pd
100 Haluptzok, BryAnna MN Youth 1D Top 10 7th 100
90 Harring, Anna MN Youth 1D Top 10 8th ROB Rope halter, $11 memb 90 0
80 Harshman, Margo WI Open 1D Top 10 10th BOT Mesh 277 -197
150 Hehling, Sarah WI Open 2D Top 10 6th BOT Neck Cover, Rockin A Wither 159 pd
225 Helm, Cheyene SD Youth 1D 1st, 2D 2nd BE 1″ OG, 2 Drawstrings 225 0
1540 Hins, Jill SD Open 2D Top 5 1st 1272 Col 3 F Saddle 1576 pd
485 Hoffelt, Heidi WI Open 1D 5th, 2D 9th Open memb, BOT LS T, THSC 3 Pc Bronc, BOT QW x 2, Yoga Pants, 9471 Jackt 519 pd
70 Holthe, Jade MN Youth 2D Top 10 10th BOT QW 93 pd
20 Hook, Harley CR PeeWee 2nd UBRA Youth Hoodie 40 pd
200 Hovland, Patti WI Open 1D 7th, Fut 1D 2nd THSC Bronc & $125 memb 200 0
1025 Hultman, Amber MN Open 1D 7th, 2D 1st, Fut 3d TMCL spur straps, BOT hocks, Icon front, ROB tack set 1025 0
250 Huus, Katie ND Open 2D 3rd Icon Front, Softsheel 8250, Glitter Hoodie 256 pd
100 Huus, McKenzie ND Youth 1D 3rd Mule Tape Halter 95 5
150 Jenson, Emilly ND Youth 1D 2nd BOT Neck & hock 186 pd
2440 Johanson, Ellie MN Open & Youth 1D Champ, Youth 2D 5th Alamo saddle, 2) BOT FLEECE, back brace, membs 2545 pd
150 Johnson, Lynde IA Open 2D 4th Front Icon, Folded Knit, Membs 145 5
150 Johnson, Sherry MN Futurity 1D 2nd 1200D Waterproof Poly Turnout Blanket 150 0
100 Kalish, Donna WI Open 1D Top 10 8th Open & Fut memb 90 10
200 Klar, Macy MN Youth 2D Top 10 4th THSC Bronc Noseband, 8250 softshell, BOT poll 192 8
100 Koch, Becky IA Open 2D 5th BOT QW & UBRA Striped Beanie 103 pd
150 Kromrey, Ashley ND Open 2D 4th Ladies Softshell #8250 & PW 175 pd
450 Kuschel, Londale MN Open 1D 6th, Derby 1D 1st BOT neck, 600D turnout, membs 414 36
100 Lamb, Sara Jo SD Open 1D Top 5 5th BOT QW, Open Memb 143 pd
875 Larson, Kristen ND Open 1D 5th, 2D 2nd, Youth 1D 4th, 2D Champ Icon hind & front. 2) 1200D. RA, Open & Youth Halter, $125 membs 870 pd
100 Larson, Megan ND Youth 2D 3rd Youth Memb, White Icon boots 120 pd
60 Lee, Jacie MN PeeWee 4th Memberships 50 pd
3280 Long, Lolita ND Champ Open 1D & 2D, Derby 1D & 2D 2 TH Saddles Open & Sr memb 3660 pd
137.5 Maack, Ashley MN Open 1D Top 10 8th/9th BOT Mesh 269 pd
500 Manor, Bob WI Open 1D Top 10 2nd BOT Sheet, hock, long sleeve t. Icon Bells, 2 knits, Open mmeb 500 0
400 Martin, Jen MN Derby 1D 2nd, 2D Champ Alamo buckle, sheet, vest, Rockin A wither 355 -13
150 Martin, Kara MN Youth 1D Top 10 5th ROB wither 105 0
100 Martin, Shawn MN Open 2D Top 10  10th MS buckle 203 0
100 Merrill, Emma CR Derby 1D 1st Fleece Vest & Large Gear bag 85 15
350 Michalski, Kim SD Open 1D 4th, 2D 3rd 2 BOT Mesh sheets 78″ 538 pd
150 Moen, Valerie SD Youth 2D  1st BOT Mesh 269 pd
75 Morgan, Kayla CR Youth 1D  2nd BOT QW & Hock Boots 172 pd
250 Neisius, Kelly CR Futurity 1D & 2D, Derby 2D 600H Ripstop Sheet, BOT QW, Mule Tape Halter 283 pd
425 Nelson, Michelle MN Futurity 2D, Open 2D 7th BOT QW & Neck, Open/Derby/PW Membs, Icon front/hind/bells 472 pd
850 Nelson, Stacy MN Open 1D 2nd, Fut 1D Saddle 1770 pd
1350 Obowa, Shauna MN Open 1D 5th, 2D 2nd. Youth 1D 2nd, 2D 7th Lace Up hoodie, BOT Boxers, Socks, 2) polos, 4 QW. Dri Duck, flannel blanket, TMCL spurs, puffer vest, zen hoodie, THSC bronc, large duffle, 1200D turnout 1360 pd
650 Olson, Candi MN Open 2D 3rd, Fut 2D 2nd BOT 2) QW, Mesh Sheet & Hock, Membs 632 18
100 Otto, Molly ND Futurity 1D 1st BOT QW 93 7
150 Patla, Jennifer CR Open 1D 4th BOT QW, Icon Bells, Lg Gear Bag 153 pd
75 Peterson, Lenna MN PeeWee 3rd Rockin A Wither Strap 72 3
350 Polman, Cydnie MN Youth 2D Top 10 2nd Memberships, Alamo Buckle 365 pd
500 Reiswig, Sara ND Open 1D 2nd BOT gloves mesh & QW, Roper Shirt, Sweatband, Memb 499.5 0.5
75 Rus, Becky IA Futurity 2D 1st Alamo 1234-C Saddle 1544 pd
90 Ryan, Johna WI Open 1D Top 10 9th Puffer Vest 100 pd
125 Schelonka, Kristina MN Youth 2D Top 10 6th BOT QW, Work Out Duffle & Headband 128 pd
150 Schelonka, Stephanie MN Open 2D Top 10  8th PW, Duffle, Fleece Sport & Vest 150 0
75 Scherkenbach, Maya IA Youth 2D  2nd Alamo Buckle & Hoodie 225 pd
200 Schoon, Brian MN Open 2D Top 10  6th 3 yr memberships 300 pd
500 Schultz, Stacy WI Open 2D 3rd, Derby 1D 2nd, 2D 1st PW, BOT sheet & neck, full zip, boys western, hoodie, boys western 503 pd
25 Schultz, Wyatt WI PeeWee 2nd Boys western 25 0
200 Schulz, Jaylea WI Open 2D Top 10 4th BE pad & TMCL wither strap 254 -54
100 Seltvedt, Kalie ND Futurity 2D 1st PW & Hoodie (adding emb) 118 pd
175 Shireman, Amy CR Open 2D 3rd/4th Icon front, hind & bells 190 pd
750 Sievers, Delaina SD Open 1D 3rd, 2D 4th, Fut & Derby 1D & 2D BOT neck, Icon 2) front, 2) hind, 3) bells 754 pd
55 Sievers, Dylan SD PeeWee 2nd 2 youth hoodies 55 pd
75 Sievers, Ryan SD Youth 1D  2nd Rockin A HS & BC 75 pd
125 slinger, sarah MN Youth 1D Top 10 6th DriDuck Contour & Flannel Blaket 130 -5
100 Spencer, Lane MN PeeWee 2nd BOT QW 93 7
70 Stephes, Olivia MN Youth 1D Top 10 10th BOT Neck Cover 99 pd
400 Suter, Cotie MN Open 2D Top 10 4th BOT Poll Cover, Icon Front, BE Pad, $90 membs 415 pd
150 Sveen, Alesha MN Open 1D Top 10 8th/9th 600D & THSC Padfolio 178 pd
230 Sweet, Sarah WI Open 2D 10th, Fut 2D 2 Icon front, 1 hind 245 pd
100 Syverson, Savannah ND Open 2D 5th TMCL Spur straps 109 -9
750 Szukelewicz, Kate CR Open 1D 1st Icon Front & Back, Rockin A Mule Tape Halter, ROB Wither, Alamo buckle & buckle set, TER lace up hoodie 758 pd
250 Theis, Gretchen MN Youth 2D Top 10 3rd Rockin A Wither, BOT Pad & QW 256 pd
250 Tjelde, Sarah CR Open 1D 3rd, 2D Tie 5th Icon Front & Back, BOT QW 258 pd
90 Ulvin, Ian MN Youth 2D Top 10 8th THSC 3 Piece Bronc, Sport Fleece 90 0
325 Warcup, Kirsten ND Youth 1D 1st, 2D 4th BE Kush & Youth Memb 320 5
750 Watson, Tammy SD Open 1D Top 5 1st BOT Polo/QW/Ex/Turnout. Icon, Lasored Wither 750 0
150 Webb, Amy IA Open 1D 4th Open/Fut/Derby & BOT Hock 204 pd
500 Weida, Paige CR Youth 1D 1st, Open 1D 2nd Alamo Buckle, Lg Duffle, Open & Youth memb 308 pd
50 Weida, Pat CR Open 2D 5th (tie) Open & Sr Memb 85 pd
150 Weida, Preslee CR Youth 2D  1st AlamoBuckle, Icon Bells, Youth memb & THSC Wither 265 pd
1540 Weldon, Deidre Kay CR Open 2D 1st Alamo 1274, BOT QW & Mesh 1892 pd
40 Weldon, Paisley CR PeeWee 1st THSC Wither, Work Out Duffle 55 pd
150 Wenzel, Kim ND Open 1D 4th Icon front & memb, THSC wither 160 pd
75 Werkman, Rachel IA Youth 1D  2nd THSC 3 Piece Bronc 75 0
150 Whyte, Tammy WI Open 1D Top 10 6th BOT QW & pad 176 pd
100 Widmer, Bethany MN Futurity 2D 3rd BOT Mesh 269 pd
125 Wiedemeier, Denise WI Open 2D Top 10 7th Icon front & bells, Fleece sport 120 5
1540 Williams, Tonya WI Open 1D Top 10 1st Top Hand Custom Saddle 1870 pd
175 Wright, Sherri WI Open 2D Top 10 5th Icon Bells, Leather Full Zip Hoodie & memb 180 pd
225 Youngman, Riley WI Youth 1D 2nd, 2D 4th TMCL Breastcollar 259 -34
50 Zabel, Lori ND Open 1D 5th TIE 2) BOT Poll Covers 60 pd
250 Zaun, Jillian MN Youth 1D Top 10 3rd Folded Knit, BOT Long Sleeve T, PW & 8250 jacket 244 6
300 Zuccone, Natalie MN Open 1D 10th, Youth 4th Icon front/back/bell. TMLC bronc, workout duffle 314 pd