2018 $13K Slot Race Results

2018 UBRA World & JJ Classic $13K GUARANTEED PAYOUT Slot Race

Time First Last Owner Horse
14.523 Ellie Johanson Ellie Johanson LB Boon 1D 1st $3,000
14.573 Jenny Alders Amy Zehrer  Strait Money Honey 1D 2nd $2,500
14.576 Heidi Gunderson  Heidi Gunderson Takin on A Storm 1D 3rd $1,500
14.594 Molly Otto Katie Lindahl Sixappeal 1D 4th $1,000
14.676 Rob Blohowiak Glory Glory Hallelujah
14.799 Amelia McCumber Amelia McCumber FlashlightIrishAzure
14.92 MacKenzie Glab Peppers Dry Doc
15.094 Trinity Beauvais Tuff Enuf Ranch Eyes Okey Dokey 2D 1st $2,000
15.102 Jolene Jones THC Special Wonder 2D 2nd $1,500
15.514 Jolene Jones Streakin Louie 2D 3rd $1,000
17.101 Hailey Beauvais Tuff Enuf Ranch Snickers 2D 4th $500
914.53 Victoria Viteri Deb Shefveland MC Cash Seeker
915.100 Trevyn Daulton KT
915.328 Hilary Van Gerpen PC Judge Cash N Lace
NT Hailey Beauvais Tuff Enuf Ranch Copper
nt Elizabeth Eck Elizabeth Eck Zues

2D Half Second. $500 Entry Fee.

Limited to 30 slots.

Time taken from ANY run Saturday (UBRA World or JJ Classic)

Slots reserved by receipt of full payment.

Sub of horse and/or rider allowed until Noon Friday, August 3rd as well as selection of carry over time class.

Slot buyer has rights to purchases slot(s) every year.

Reserve your slot by making payment by your choice online here: http://ubra.org/payments/. Place “UBRA World/JJ Classic Slot Race” in the notes section. Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted to confirm spot and provide slot race entry info.