$1000 Added UBRA Member Sidepots

$1000 Added UBRA Member Sidepots

***UBRA Points are calculated on a 2D full second format by combined the 1D & 3D and 2D & 4D half second splits for Open division points. 40 for 1st place, 39 for 2nd and so on.

+ $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT: $40 entry fee for each event, paid out on average from Open classes as noted above in 4D half second format.  Entries collected by producer. Results are turned in to the UBRA and UBRA mails out UBRA member sidepot checks.

April 20-22 GFB: Topeka, KS  +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT ****

May 19 & 20 Kasey Turner Memorial Barrel Race: Mt. Vernon, MO ****
+$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT  ****UBRA Awards Presentation

May 26 & 27 Double H Arena: Mondovi, WI  +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT ****UBRA awards Saturday

June 22-24 GFB: Cedar Rapids, IA +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT

July 7-8 Running on the Red: Portland, ND +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT

July 13-15 SC Productions: Winona, MN +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT

August 3-5 $50,000+ ADDED UBRA WORLD & JJ Classic: VERNDALE, MN

October 26-28 SD Heartland: Huron, SD +$1,000 UBRA SIDEPOT


October 27-29, 2016 SD Heartland: Huron, SD