2017 UBRA Tour Dates:

2017 UBRA Tour & World (Double Points, Double Qualifier Events.)
*Tentative schedule – subject to updates/changes/additions
April 21-23 Go For Broke: Topeka, KS  *+ $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT*2016 Awards Presentation 10 am Saturday
April 29 & 30 Chism Trail Ranch: Merrill, WI * + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT *Awards presentation 6pm Saturday evening with Potluck
May 5-7 Race for the Roses: Verndale, MN *2016 Awards Presentation* Saturday 10 am.***
May 12-14 Go For Broke: Waterloo, IA **2016 Awards Presentation 10 am Saturday
****Awards presentation only***Huron, SD “The Fresh Start” 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 13*****
June 2-4 Prospector Challenge: Rapid City, SD
June 4 Homegrown Classic/Northern Lights Classic: St. John, ND + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
June 23-25 Go For Broke: IEC Cedar Rapids, IA + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
June 24 & 25 WGBRA Arcadia, WI + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
June 24 Bear Creek Roughriders Arena: Oakes, ND
July 7-9 Go For Broke: Waterloo, IA + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
July 14-16 SC Productions: Winona, MN + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
July 14-16 PC 2 (Prospector Challenge 2): Rapid City, SD
July 15-16 Running on the Red: Portland, ND + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT
October 27-29 SD Heartland: Huron, SD + $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT


+ $1,000 ADDED UBRA SIDEPOT: $40 entry fee for each event, paid out on average from Open class times Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise noted. Entries collected by producer. Results are turned in to the UBRA and UBRA mails out UBRA member sidepot checks.

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